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Best 3 Windows 10 Password Reset Tools to Reset Windows 10 Password

There are so many problems about forgotten windows 10 password reset on Windows10forum. For example:
Question 1: I forgot my Windows 10 Admin password. Help Me...! I don't have any other Administrator accounts.

Question 2: Lost Windows 10 Password. Unable to login my ASUS Windows 10 laptop computer. Any solution to find this login password without resetting my computer?

Password is so important for us to protect our privacy. In the meanwhile, we often forget our password because there are so many passwords we need to remember. And a website password lost is not a big deal because we can get them back easily with our email address. However, laptop Windows password forgetting is a disaster, especially for the newbie. Because it is so hard to reset forgotten Windows 10 password on laptop computer.

Okay, don't worry, if you forgot Windows 10 Password for logging into Windows 10. I've provided several methods to reset administrator password for Windows 10 users.

According to Microsoft Support instruction, you can't recover the forgotten password for your local accout, except reinstalling Windows on your laptop or desktop computer. However, reinstallation will remove all your data, programs and settings, including the lost password. But you won't lost all data and settings after resetting Windows 10 password with the following ways.

Part 1: Free way - Use Password Reset Disk to Reset Windows 10 Password without Password

Password Reset Disk for Windows 10 is an feasible method officially provided by Microsoft to reset lost Windows 10 password. It is easy-to-operate so that you can successfully reset the forgotten password for the local user account with 5 simple steps.

How to Reset Windows 10 Password without Password

Step 1. Type a incorrect password in the password box. And then it will show you the message that:"Password Incorrect" and there is a "Reset Password" link available below the password box.


Step 2. You can see the Windows 10 Password Reset Wizard, after clicking the "Reset Password" link. Insert the Password Reset Disk for Windows 10 or plug in password reset USB flash drive. If you didn't made the password reset disk before you forgot the password to login the laptop. It's too late. This method won't work for you, and please refer to the second and the third methods. Go ahead to step 3 by clicking the "Next" button, after you have made the password reset disk.

Step 3. Select the password reset disk which has the userkey.psw file. And click the "Next" button to the next step.

Step 4. In this step, you can reset the user account password by typing a new password in the password field. This new password will replace the old one. But others will remain unchanged, including the other user account, data, settings and programs. Then, click the Next and Finish button at the next steps. Windows 10 password reset job is done perfectly.


Part 2: Free way - Reset Windows 10 Password using Command Prompt

What is Command Prompt? Command Prompt is a command-line interface program, which is used to execute commands in Windows OS. It has the similar interface with MS-DOS. And this tool is a very useful software available in Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP.


how to reset windows 10 administrator password using command prompt

Step 1. Create Windows 10 installation media
What you should prepare is a Windows 10 installation disk or flash USB drive. Please create one on another accessible computer if you don't have. Here is how to create Windows 10 installation media. Firstly, download this tool and then double-click the program to open it. And then accept Microsoft software license terms and select the "Create installation media for another PC". Next step is unchecking "Use the recommended options for this PC" and select windows edition. Finally, choose which media to use for Windows installation media creation. USB flash drive is much better. But keep it in mind that it needs to be at least 4GB.


Step 2. Connect Window installation USB to your Windows 10 which you would like to reset local admin password for. Open the Command Prompt

Step 3. After opening Command Prompt, you can use net user command to reset Windows 10 local admin password and add new admin account to Windows 10.

Command Prompt is totally free to reset Windows 10 password. However it is very hard to operate, especially for the beginners. So please refer to the Part 3, if you need the easiest and fastest way.

Part 3: Simple way - Forgot Windows 10 Password Reset without Disk with Windows Password Unlocker

Although the above 2 methods can work, Windows Password Unlocker is the simplest and the most reliable Windows 10 Password reset tool to reset forgotten password without disk on Windows 10. And this program allows you to burn a bootable password reset disk with CD/DVD/USB drive. Generally, Flash USB drive is more convenient than CD/DVD. Therefore, you'd better choose the Windows Password Unlocker Professional version.

Key Features of Windows Password Unlocker

  • Removes Windows 10 password easily and quickly
  • Creates new user accounts without administrative password
  • Works with Windows 10 operation system(32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Supports bootable USB flash drive
  • Compatible with all media
  • Supports all Windows 10 computer types

Part 4: Step-by-step Guide for How to Reset Admin Password on Windows 10

Step 1: Firstly, download, install and open the Windows Password Unlocker on the unlocked computer. And use the USB Flash drive to create a bootable disc for your locked Windows 10 computer. Of course, you can use the CD/DVD to burn the bootable disc. But USB flash drive is more convenient.

Forgot Windows 10 Password Reset Without disk

Step 2: Use the created USB reset disk to reset Windows 10 password. Firstly, set the BIOS to boot from USB Flash drive. And here is how to boot from USB. Secondly, Windows Password Unlocker will pop up an interface which will list all the windows accounts with username and password-status(Protected or Blank). Thirdly, choose the "Administrator" and then hit the "Reset" button. Choose the target user name if you want to reset the standard account users password. Therefore, the admin password will be removed. Finally, click the "Reboot" button to remove the USB Flash Drive from your computer.


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