Overview of the IdeaPad Y40 and Y50

Recently, Lenovo IdeaPads especially the Y40 and Y50 are much talked about. Shipping with the latest operation system Windows 8.1, these two laptops perform excellent. What need to be mentioned most is the 4K display which is to be added to Y50 in July.

Some details of IdalPad Y40 and Y50
Y40: 14 -inch screen, 1920*1080, Intel Core i7-4500U processor running at 1.8GHz and an Advanced Micro Devices Radeon R9 M270 graphics card..
Y50: 15.6-inch 4K display, Intel’s Core i7-4700HQ processor with a clock speed of 2.4GHz, and Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 860M graphics card.

Other configurations of the two laptops are similar.

How to Reset IdeaPad’s Windows 8 Password

When using the IdeaPads, chances are that you forget the Admin password. What to do when this happens? Here is a tip for you to reset Windows 8 password when you cannot remember the password.

When you do not have access to your Windows 8 IdeaPad, you need a password reset disk, from which, you can boot your computer and then reset the password. To do this, you can trust this Windows Password Unlocker, a professional password reset tool for Windows 8,7, XP, Vista. Below is how.

Step 1. Download and install the Windows 8 password reset tool to an accessible computer

Since you forgot your password, you cannot enter your computer. You need another accessible computer to download and install this Windows 8 password reset tool.

Step 2. Create a password reset disk

This Windows Password reset tool gets three editions, with the standard edition, you can only burn the password reset disk with CD or DVD; with the Professional and Enterprise edition, you are able to use USB drive to burn the password reset disk.

Here takes CD/DVD for example.

1. Insert the blank and writeable CD/DVD to the computer; launch the IdeaPad Windows 8 Password Unlocker software.

2. Select target device (CD/DVD) and click Burn CD/DVD button to create a password reset disk.

3. Click OK when the burning process completes. Now, the password reset disk is successfully created.
Burn a Windows Password Reset CD/DVD

Step 3. Boot your locked computer from the password rest disk

Next, Insert the CD/DVD disk you created to the locked computer, and then boot the computer from the password reset disk. To see how here: https://www.passwordunlocker.com/knowledge/change-bios-settings.html#boot_from_cd

reset Windows password

Step 4.Reset IdeaPad Windows 8 password

After your computer boots from the CD or DVD, the Windows Password Unlocker will show all users account. Select the Admin account and click Reset button, click OK to start the password reset process in the next dialog window. After the password is reset, remove the password reset disk and restart your IdeaPad laptop, you will then be able to logon your computer without password. That’s all! It is easy? Just have a try!