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Top 3 Free Password Managers for Windows

Ricky Russell

Apr 07,2012 00:52 / Posted by to Extensional Tips
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Today it's not an easy job to remember all your passwords. Luckily, you can turn to a password manger to remember the password to your email account, Windows login, an Excel document, or whatever other file, system, or service you use passwords to access.

If you often forget your online passwords, please have a try of a password manager. In this article, it shows the top 3 password managers for Windows users.

1. KeePass

KeePass is a free, open source password manager available for Windows, Mac and more. With this utility, you don't have to memorize all your passwords for different websites and email accounts as KeePass can help you store all your passwords in one database encrypted by 256-bit AES, Twofish encryption, etc. All you need to remember is to remember one master password to access the encrypted database.

KeePass also supports password groups, secure notes, strong password generation, import and export of password files and a plug-in architecture for add-ons. KeePass does not integrate with browsers or offer form filling capabilities. However it does provide clipboard security management for copying and pasting passwords where needed.

2. MyPadlock

MyPadlock Password Manager is another free tool that you can use to remember all your usernames and passwords. Meanwhile, it also lets you always keep a backup copy of your passwords and export your passwords to a CSV file.

Unlike other similar program, MyPadlock comes with quite a different interface. It allows you to access passwords through a drop-down menu instead of using the classical tree-like structure on the left side. To use MyPadlock Password Manager, simply select the 'Create an account' option and fill in the form with all the necessary details. You can then copy and paste these data into any website that requires login.

3. KeyWallet

KeyWallet is a free password manger that spares you the trouble of filling in your logins, passwords, and other personal data manually. It comes with drag and drop features and can save information directly into web forms, automatically save form data in browser forms (IE, Netscape, Opera, and so on), Java applets, Windows forms, and others. KeyWallet supports skins and encrypts your data using the Blowfish encryption algorithm.


1. If the free password managers don't include the feature you expect, you can try commercial software like RoboForm, etc.

2. Never use your password everywhere or common words as your passwords as they are easily defeated by hackers.

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