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Two Best Windows 7 Password Reset Tools After Forgot your Password on Windows 7

Jerry Leo

Apr 23,2018 06:21 / Posted by to Windows Tips
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Forgot your password on Windows 7? It seems to be a universal trouble with the widespread of Windows 7. To solve this problem, you can either buy a burned Windows password recovery CD on-line or burn such a password recovery disk with a Windows 7 password reset software. But no matter which method you choose, you have to boot your locked computer from the password recovery disk. However, you will feel frustrated when you have little computer skill. Take these 2 methods as your reference when you encounter the similar problem.

Two methods to do Windows 7 password reset task

The First Windows 7 Password Reset Tool

Password Unlocker is the firstly-considered Windows 7 Password Reset tool. Because it is an excellent password recovery tool for Windows Operating System. And the software will help you to fix forgot Windows 7 password reset issue, even though you didn't burn a Windows 7 Password Reset Disk. Besides, this Password recovery tool can solve this kind of problem for Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows XP without Windows reinstallation. Therefore, it is a good solution when you lost Windows 7 password.

Password Unlocker is easy to use yet professional. It takes you only 4 steps to burn a bootable CD/DVD or create a bootable USB flash Drive for Windows 7 password recovery in 5 minutes.The following will step by step show you how to recover lost Windows 7 password with Password Unlocker.

How to Create a bootable Media and Reset Windows Password?

Step 1: Download, install and launch Windows Password Unlocker in any available PC

Step 2: Burn a CD/DVD or USB flash drive password reset disk.

lost Windows 7 password reset

Step 3: Boot from the burned the Password Recovery CD/DVD or USB flash drive.

Step 4: Reset or bypass the lost password under Windows PE.

forgot Windows 7 password reset

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The Second Windows 7 Password Reset Tool

The second Windows 7 Password Reset tool is a burned Windows 7 Password Reset Disk. This tool is a direct solution for forgot Windows 7 password. However, you should create a password reset disk for your Windows 7 before Windows 7 Password is lost. So refer to the first tool if you didn't have the burned Windows 7 Password Reset disk. If you do, please follow the below 2 methods on how to boot from the password reset disk.

Method One:How to Boot From A Windows 7 Password Reset Disk?

Insert a burned Windows 7 password reset disk in your locked computer boot the locked computer as follows:

1. Turn on or restart the locked computer, watch the screen for a message like "Press to ...enter SETUP" or something similar. Press this key once you see the message to enter BIOS menu.

Note: The key pressed to enter BIOS is different based on manufacturers, but F2 or Delete are the most common keys

2. Use arrows to choose Boot on the taskbar, select "Boot Device Priority" and press Enter.

boot from windows 7 password reset disk

3. Set "CD ROM" to the first boot device according to the prompts on the right.

windows 7 password reset disk boot

4. Press "F10" to save and exit BIOS.You computer will restart with the changed BIOS settings

Method Two: How to Boot From A Windows 7 Password Reset Disk

If the method above doesn't work, you can also try to enter "Boot Menu" to boot the locked computer from the burned CD/DVD as follows:

1. Insert a Windows 7 password recovery CD in your locked computer.

2. Start the locked computer and immediately tap and keep tapping "F8", "ESC" or other keys until the Boot Menu screen appears.

3. Select CD ROM as the first boot device and press Enter. After that, your computer will restart with changed bios settings.

windows password reset software

PC users can not only set bios password for computer, but also set Windows logon password. If the BIOS is password protected, you need to clear or remove the BIOS password before you can enter BIOS to change boot order.

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