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How to Bypass Windows 10 Login Password

There are many computer users confusing with Windows 10 lost Password problem. This article will collect some great ways to bypass Windows 10 password. See the content table:

Methods to bypass a computer password on windows 10

Forgot the administrtor password for your Windows 10? Don’t fear. I will show you 2 methods on How to reset Windows 10 password. The first one is that you can change Windows 10 password forgot with Microsoft Account. The second one is that Windows 10 password bypass job will be done under the help of the third-part softwares.

Online Way for How to bypass Windows 10 password

This part will show you how to bypass Microsoft account Windows 10 password. And you can change Microsoft account online, therefore you can bypass login password without software when you forgot Windows 10 password. Don't know whether your login account is a Microsoft account? The following is the video which will show you the difference between Local VS Microsoft accounts. If your Windows 10 login account is connected with Microsoft account, you can refer to the details on How to change Microsoft account password if forgot. What should we do, if the login account is the local user? Don’t worry. The following will fix your problem with the perfect solution.

Top 2 Windows 10 Password Bypass Software

Once I collected top 8 Windows password reset softwares to recover forgot Windows 10 password . Here I recommend the top 2 tools to fix the Windows 10 password bypass issue. The first one is Password Unlocker Bundle . This tool is a great software to bypass forgotten Windows 10 password without disk if you didn't create the password reset disk before lost password. And it can also help you to recover lost password for Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, Access, Outlook, RAR, ZIP and so on. The following is the screenshot of the Password Unlocker Bundle. Windows 10 Password Bypass Software

Top Features of Password Unlocker Bundle

  • Bypass password Windows 10 with easy operation.
  • 100% password bypass rate.
  • Supports all Windows operating systems, including Windows 10/8/7/XP.
  • Simple to create a bootable password reset disk with USB Flash drive or CD/DVD Disk.
  • Compatible with every Windows brand and model including HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, etc.
  • 3 efficient attacks for Microsoft Office files(DOC, DOCX, EXCEL, PPT, PPTX), PDF, RAR, ZIP.

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The second is using Command Prompt. According to Wikipedia, Command Prompt is the command-line interpreter, short for cmd.exe or cmd. It is totally free. But I don’t recommend it because it's difficult for those who lack of technical knowledge. The following will also show you the guide on how to find admin Windows 10 password using Command Prompt.

How to bypass administrator password windows 10 without disk

This part will show you step by step how to do Windows 10 password bypass job without created password reset disk. Step 1: Free download, install and open Password Unlocker Bundle and an accesssible computer. Plug a USB flash drive into PC. And choose USB device on software’s interface. Step 2: Hit the Burn button to start the bootable password reset disk burning process. When the progress bar show you 100% complete, the burning process finished. Windows 10 Password Bypass Guide Step 3: Start the locked Windows 10 computer and then connect the bootable password reset usb to it. Set computer boot from USB device. Step 4: And then restart the locked PC. Password Unlocker Bundle will list all the account user name. Choose the target account and then click Reset button to reset the lost Windows 10 password. Then reboot the Windows 10 computer. At this time, you can login it without any password. Windows 10 Password Bypass Guide Summary: This method is the best way for bypassing Windows 10 login password, especially when the Windows 10 PC is locked for password forgotten or lost.

How to find administrator password windows 10 using Command Prompt

This part is the step-by-step instruction on how to bypass administrator password for Windows 10 with Command Prompt. See the below details: Step 1 : Start the unlocked Windows 10 computer. And then press F8 to enter "Safe Mode". Navigate to the "Advanced Boot Options". Step 2 : Select the Safe Mode with Command Prompt when 3 boot options show. A few seconds, it will pop up the login screen. And choose Administrator. Step 3 : Launch Commnand Prompt on WIndows 10. Type net user and press Enter. I will list all the windows accounts and then type the acount you wish to bypass the password for. And the new password will be reset sucessfully when the process is done. Frankly speaking, this method is not an easy and recommeneded way when you would like to unlock Windows 10 if you are a tech newbie. Because improper operation will damage your computer or casue to lost system data. If you insist to use this method, here is a video guide(10 Cool Command Prompt Tricks You Should Know) for you.

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