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Top 4 Password Manager Apps for Smartphone

Ricky Russell

Apr 06,2012 10:11 / Posted by to Extensional Tips
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Have a great number of online passwords to remember? A password manager, which can organize and encrypt your personal passwords and PIN codes, proves a great help. We've introduced you Top 3 Free Password Managers for Windows and Top 3 Free online Password Mangers. Here you will find out some great password management apps for Smartphones, including Android phone and iPhone.

1. KeePassDroid

KeePass is a free software password management utility for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and a variety of other systems. It lets you store all passwords in one secure database locked with one master key or a key file. So you only have to remember one single master password or select the key file to unlock the whole database. And it also features strong security, searching and sorting, and more.

KeePassDroid is an implementation of the KeePass Password Safe for the Android platform. It includes all the excellence and security of KeePass. In terms of storing passwords, KeePassDroid provides the same basic password management functionality as all other password managers for Android. But its combination of simplicity and security makes KeePassDroid more attractive than other similar products.

2. Secrets for Android

Secrets for Android is an open source Android password manager. With this free utility, you can securely store and manage passwords and any kind of sensitive data you might need on the go, from website passwords to your ATM PIN to your credit card number.

All stored passwords and sensitive information is locked up with a master password. To make sure that these critical data remain safe, Secrets for Android uses techniques like strong encryption and auto-logout. Besides, this tool provides context-sensitive tips to guide you along through its operation, making it easy to use.

3. Password Manager Secret Server

Password Manager Secret Server is a free iPhone password manager for businesses and home users. Coming with Apple user interface, it allows you to easily store, access, and organize passwords, and other private data.

With this free utility, you can keep private information well-organized and secure, easily create, view, and edit passwords for multiple accounts, access passwords from your phone and your computer, enjoy using features that display well and load fast, create 'favorites' and more.

4. Quick Password Manager

Quick Password Manager is a quick, easy and effective password manager for Apple iPhone. It can be used to remember all your passwords and always keep them secure in a simple way. No connection is required and no one can access your data. The best part is that it only costs you $0.99 while offering you all the features you need from a password manager.
This iPhone password management tool features clean and very to use interface, and its settings are very well spelled out and it does exactly what is says it does. Other features include General application lock password, password hint, auto lock, export/import, copy password to clipboard, open Safari from website field and powerful password generator.

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