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How to Create, Modify, Clear and Recover a Word 2007 Password?

Terri Collins

Apr 09,2012 03:04 / Posted by to Office Tips
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Have you ever experienced the trouble of locking out of the MS word documents? You fixed already? As we all noticed, password-protecting for your Microsoft Word documents is important to ensure that unwanted users don't gain access to your information. With a great deal of applications and programs requiring passwords nowadays, it's easy to forget or misplace these passwords. Thus, obtaining an easy-to use and safe way to recover MS word 2007 password becomes a necessity. Here the Word Password Unlocker may catch your sight and be your tutorial on how to Create, Clear and Recover MS word 2007 password.

Table of contents:

Part 1: How to create a password to protect a Word 2007 file?

  • 1. Click the Microsoft Office Button office , click to ->Prepare->Encrypt Document.
  • 2. In the Encrypt Document dialog box, input a password in the Password box and click OK.
  • 3. In the Confirm Password dialog box, enter the previous password again and click OK.
  • 4. Save the password and the MS word 2007 file.

Part 2: How to modify the password of a encrypt MS Word 2007 document?

In addition to setting a password to open a Word document, you can set a password to allow others to modify the document.

  • 1. Click the Microsoft Office Button , click Save As, and on the bottom of the Save As dialog, click Tools.
  • 2. On the Tools menu, click General Options. The General Options dialog opens.
  • 3. Under File sharing options for this document, in the Password to modify box, type a password.
  • 4. In the Confirm Password dialog, re-type the password. Click OK.
  • 5. Click Save.

Part 3: How to clear a Word 2007 password in Word documents?

  • 1. Use the password to open the document.(Note: If you forgot or lost Word password, you have to recover Word password with MS Word password recovery tool)

  • 2. Click the Microsoft Office Button office , point to Prepare, and then click Encrypt Document.

  • 3. In the Encrypt Document dialog box, in the Password box, delete the encrypted password, and then click OK.
  • 4. Save the file.

Part 4: How to recover Word Password with Word Password Unlocker?

It is really a bad thing when lost or forgot the password with which you can acquire the documents or information stored in the Word file. Keep calm. Maybe Word Password Unlocker will give you a hand to recover the lost Word password successfully and securely. Have a try!

  • 1. Click Open and select the file.
  • 2. Choose one of the attack types to recover Word 2007 password.
  • 3. Attack settings.
  • 4. Click Start on the taskbar until the operation is finished.
  • 5. Click OK, and you will find the password in the box.
  • If you still haven’t mastered the guide to recover lost Word 2007 password.

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