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Top 3 Tips to Reset Vista Password In A Short Time!

Jerry Leo

Apr 07,2012 06:34 / Posted by to Windows Tips
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Have you used to create a Windows Vista password for your laptop? What did you do to reset Vista password when you forgot Vista password by accident? Install the comp OS or ask a Tech for help? The following passage will share 3 top solutions to reset vista password with you. Now DIY to reset Windows Vista password!


Solution 1: Reset Vista Password With A Password Hint

It is well-known with the function of password hint for Windows Vista users. When creating a password to log on to Windows, you can create a hint which can do a great favor if you forgot the password. Of course, the password hint will not appear until you input a wrong Vista password. With it, you can easily recall the forgotten Windows Vista password.


1. The password hint must be a little complicated and avoid the same with your Vista password. Otherwise, no matter how strong your password is, it is useless to protect your computer.

2. As the password hint can be seen by others, so be careful when setting a password hint. Don’t set a password hint that can be easily guessed by unauthorized users.

Solution 2: Reset Vista Password With A Windows Password Reset Disk

Although the password hint may help you to regain Vista password, sometimes it doesn't work well. What should you do if you still cannot recall the forgotten password with hint? For this, Microsoft provides another method for you – create a Windows password reset disk for Vista Password reset issues. The details on creating a Windows password reset disk are as follow:

Step 1: Insert a USB flash drive in computer.

Step 2: Click the Start button -> Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safety -> User Accounts.


Step 3: In the left pane, click Create a password reset disk, and then follow the instructions to complete your operation.


After that, you can find a file named userkey.psw on your USB drive, which can help you reset Windows Vista password. Once you delete it, you cannot reset Vista password with the USB flash drive.


Make sure the Windows password reset disk with the userkey.psw files stored in a safe place in case that unauthorized users accesses to your computer if he has the password reset disk in hand.

Solution 3: Reset Vista password With Windows Password Recovery Tool

Well, we can recover or reset Windows Vista password with a password hint or a password reset disk without any difficulty. But the dilemma is we always forgot to create the password hint of disk in advance. Then how to deal with? Reinstall your computer? No, you’ll lose your data or other files on computer permanently. Under this condition, a Windows password recovery tool seems to be a necessity.

Windows Password Unlocker is professional Windows password recovery software for you to reset Vista password including Windows Domain, Administrator and User password with ease. It provides you a fast and secure Vista password reset solution by burning a bootable CD/ DVD. The program runs with only 4 simple steps:

Step 1. Download and install Windows Password Unlocker Professional (Trial Download) in any computer

Step 2. Burn a password reset disk with a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive

Step 3. Set BIOS of your locked computer to make it boot from CD/DVD or USB flash drive

Step 4. Reset Windows Vista password by following the instructions

These top 3 tips are easy, effective and reliable in resetting Vista password. Just select one according to your actual needs. In fact, the easiest and safest way to reset Windows vista password is to write the password down and keep it in a safe place.

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