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Four Most Common Password Reset Solutions for Lenovo ThinkPad

Jerry Leo

Apr 07,2012 05:28 / Posted by to Windows Tips
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thinkpad password resetLenovo ThinkPad Laptop password reset or recovery solution varies depending on which password you have forgotten. The hassle of password reset process will range from simple inconvenience to total valuable data loss. For this, we have collected the most used Lenovo Computer password lost troubles and satisfactory solutions for you.

Types of passwords for Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop

There are four kinds of passwords we will talk about Lenovo ThinkPad computer and the password reset solutions:

1>Windows logon Password for Lenovo ThinkPad

Windows logon password for Lenovo ThinkPad is used to keep personal information private and we are always create some administrator or user accounts on Windows 7/Vista/XP PC and also domain admin or AD accounts on Windows Server 2000/2003(R2)/2008(R2). It will be a big besetment when you lost or misplaced the passwords of those accounts. However, with some easily password recovery ways, it is possible to re-access your Windows system with no damage of the data.

Reset Lenovo ThinkPad Password with Password Reset Disk

If you are a cautious user, then you should have created a password reset disk for your Lenovo ThinkPad. So you just need to insert the password reset disk to reset Lenovo Windows administrative password directly.

Reset LenovoThinkPad Password with Available Windows Administrator Account

If you can log on as an administrator for your Lenovo ThinkPad with a right password, then you can reset any other passwords of your lost or forgotten Windows logon accounts directly.

Reset Lenovo ThinkPad Password with Windows Password Unlocker

If you have not created a password reset disk previously, or cannot log on as an administrator with a right password, and for this situation, like me, you still have option to reset lost password for Lenovo ThinkPad PC with third-party software. Windows Password Unlocker is such a powerful Windows password recovery tool which enables resetting windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003 and 2008 password as blank with 4 easy steps:

1. Download and install Windows Password Unlocker

2. Burn a bootable CD/DV or USB flash drive

3. Reboot your locked Windows computer from CD/DV or USB flash drive

4. Reset lost or forgotten Windows password for Lenovo ThinkPad with easy

Reinstall Windows OS

Reinstall Windows operating system for your Lenovo ThinkPad will be the last choose if you can reset Windows password successfully with those workable solutions that have mentioned above.

2> Supervisor Password for Lenovo ThinkPad

A Supervisor password protects the system info stored in the BIOS. The user must input the Supervisor password in order to get access to the ThinkPad BIOS Setup Utility in order to alter the system configuration. If the Supervisor password is lost there is no way to recover it to enter the BIOS configuration.

Reset Forgotten Supervisor Password

A forgotten Supervisor password will prevent access to the ThinkPad BIOS setup utility. To get access, you need reset the BIOS password with some solutions like locate the jumpers or solder beads, or just contact the computer manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer for resetting forgotten Supervisor password.

3> Hard Disk Password for ThinkPad ThinkPad

There are two hard drive passwords: a user hard drive password for the user and a master hard drive password for the system administrator. The administrator can use the master password to get access to the hard drive even if a user has changed the user hard drive password.

Reset Forgotten Hard Drive Password

If the user's Hard drive password has been forgotten, check whether a master Hard drive password has been set. If it has, it can be used for access to the hard drive. If no master Hard drive password is available, or if the administrator forgets the master Hard drive password, then the hard drive must be replaced. For this instance you just need ask help from your computer manufacturer to reset forgotten HDD password.

4> Power-On Password for Lenovo ThinkPad

A Lenovo ThinkPad Power-on password protects the system from being powered on by an unauthorized person. When it has been set, a prompt will appear during the system start up, and the Power-on password must be entered before an operating system can be booted.

Reset Forgotten Power-on Password

If the Power-on password is forgotten and the Supervisor password is known, simply go into the ThinkPad BIOS setup utility and reset the Power-on password, otherwise try the following:

1.Power off the Lenovo ThinkPad computer

2.Remove the battery pack

3.Remove the backup battery

4.Please power on the computer and wait till the POST ends. If the password prompt does not appear then the Power-on password has been reset.

5.Reinstall the backup battery and the battery pack.

Note: Some ThinkPad systems have the ability to reset the Power-on passwords in the ThinkPad BIOS setup utility if a Supervisor password has been set.

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