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How to Recover Lost MS Office Password Quickly and Easily?

Terri Collins

Apr 09,2012 01:04 / Posted by to Office Tips
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Microsoft Office is not strange to every single computer user, as it is one of the most widely used and welcomed software by government agency, research institutions, enterprises and individuals. Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents are almost used on each computer, which marks we should attach much security awareness to them. In order to prevent from revealing business secret or individual privacy, a large number of people encrypted their Office files with MS Office passwords.

But the problem they often encounter with the trouble of lost MS Office password they have set before, and could not open or access the Office files any more.

So, how to recover lost MS Office password and regain access into MS Word documents, Excel worksheet or PowerPoint presentation?

Good news is that the third party software can give you a hand. These kinds of software can attack types of password to recover lost MS Office password quickly and safely. Office Password Unlocker is one of the kind, with three kinds of attack solutions including Brute-force Attack, Brute- force with Mask and Dictionary Attack.


  • 1. Brute-force Attack will try all possible combinations one by one.
  • 2. So long as you can recall part of the previous password, we recommend you to choose brute force with mask attack which can restrict the search scopes.
  • 3. If you have used a meaningful word as your MS Office password, the Dictionary Attack will help. You can plug in external dictionaries and check all possible lowercase and uppercase combinations.
  • In a word, it is easy and safe enough for you to recover lost Office password in very short time.

Now, pay attention on how to recover MS Office password in an instant way.

Step 1: Click on Office Password Recovery and import the MS Office files you want to recover password for.

office password recover software

Step 2: Select one of the 3 password attack types and make the attack settings if needed, then click the Start button to begin recovering.

office password recover software

Step 3: Once the password is successfully recovered, a dialog box will pop up to inform you of it. Write down the password and click OK to finish your operation.

office password recover software

Note:Here you click the Start Page tab back to the software main interface.

With the development of computer, obviously, the demand of MS Office password recovery will increase. On one hand, encryption brings security to the Office files, on the other hand, it is a necessity at hand with an Office password recovery software.

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