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How to Solve RAR Password Recovery Issues with RAR Password Unlocker?

Terri Collins

Apr 09,2012 03:49 / Posted by to RAR/ZIP Tips
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rar archiverWinRAR is widely used to compress archives in order to transfer or download them with more convenience, in addition, to save disk space. For security, users often password protected it, which makes us easier to get an encrypted rar file. Then, how to solve RAR password recovery issues? On the base of file sources difference, the ways to recover its password are dissimilar too. Here we present you a proven and efficient way to remove RAR/WinRAR password with RAR Password Unlocker by 3 kinds of attacks.

Case 1: The Encrypted RAR File is Downloaded or Received from Internet or Others

For the RAR or WinRAR archives downloaded from internet, usually we can find the password in its readmetext or the download page. If you cannot find any information about that, you’d better have the psychological expectation that RAR password recovery will not be completed. Since you know nothing about the password, RAR Password Unlocker offers you Brute-force Attack which will try all possible passwords, from simple combination of numbers to complicated set of all characters on the keyboard, which may waste hours, days or months to crack RAR password.

Of course, if the RAR file is sent by others you can contact, asking them for the password will be the easiest way.

Case 2: The RAR File is Password Protected by Yourself

If your rar document is password protected by yourself, the probability to recover RAR/WinRAR password successfully will be greatly improved, as you may have a bit memory about the password.

Option 1: If you are the person who has a preference when setting a password, list all the characters you would like to contain in the password, such as your name, nickname, favorite star, birthday, and boyfriend or girlfriend name, etc. After that, you can take Dictionary Attack produced by RAR Password Unlocker, to remove the forgotten password with ease, which defines to remove RAR password by trying the password combinations in the built-in dictionary or self-created dictionary. Frankly speaking, this way has the highest successful rate.

Option 2: If you can still remember some information on the forgotten password, such as the prefix characters, the suffix characters, the length of password including letters, numbers, special characters, Brute-force with Mask Attack can be the most suitable choice to solve your RAR password recovery troubles as soon as possible. The more options you set, the quicker you will finish rar password recovery.

RAR Password Unlocker can recover RAR passwords or unlocks encrypted RAR archives created with WinRAR 4.01 and its previous versions.


  • Improves password recovery speed by using the advanced search algorithm and multiple-core CPUs.
  • SSE is also taking in use for speeding up RAR password recovery.
  • Dictionary and Brute-force Attacks with user-defined masks
  • Save and resume recovery process at any time
  • Easy to use with user-friendly interface

With this easy-to-use RAR password recovery tool, you can remove RAR password easily on your own without any data lose.

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