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Lost Windows 7 Password – Enable to Login Your Laptop with FingerPrint?

Jerry Leo

Apr 08,2012 05:44 / Posted by to Windows Tips
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Have you ever troubled with Windows password lost? Scared for data loss with a Windows password recovery tool yet? With the development of technology, now unauthorized access is just not limited to password which is comprised of letters, numbers and symbols. You can use your fingerprint as defense line. This possible if you use fingerprint biometric devices to log on to computers, it will make you easily to reset Windows 7 password.

Biometrics is an increasingly popular technology that provides convenient access to systems, services, and resources. Unlike passwords, biometric devices measure unique biological traits--like fingerprints, voice prints, or retinal images. You can log into the PC only when biometric data matches the profile of the only rightful user . It is said to be safer than password which makes you never worry about the forgotten Windows 7 password. And as the most frequently used biometric characteristics, fingerprint recognition has already appeared in the computer world.

lost windows password

As the latest Windows version, Windows 7 provides native support for fingerprint biometric devices through Windows Biometric Framework (WBF). This new biometric features provide a consistent way to implement fingerprint biometric–enabled applications and manage fingerprint biometric devices on stand-alone computers or on a network. It makes biometric devices easier for users and for administrators to configure and control on a local or domain computer, which prevents you from Windows 7 password reset issue now and then. If you are lucky enough to have a laptop or computer with a biometric sensor, such as a fingerprint reader, you are incredibly easy to set it up and enable as the default logon mechanism on Windows 7.

To log on Windows 7 with fingerprint, all you need to do is to enter User your fingerprint with Windows screen after clicking Start button, Control Panel and Biometric Devices in order. And then you can follow the step-by-step guide to start to set fingerprint logon.

First of all, select a finger you want to setup a profile. For convenience, it is better not to use your thumb due to its low fingerprint recognition rate.

And then, on the Swipe your finger dialog, you must swipe your finger three times. Once you have completed the three successful swipes, the fingerprint of your selected finger is accepted by system.

Lastly, log on computer with fingerprint. Never need to be worried if you lost Windows 7 password.

windows 7 biometric


1. Please remember to keep your finger clean and dry when you need to swap fingerprint. It can help you improve fingerprint recognition rate.

2. It’s better to set 2 or above fingerprint logon accounts due to unintentional finger injuries

3. If the built-in fingerprint software of your computer conflicts with Windows 7, you just need to uninstall it.

Apart from the fingerprint feasibility, those systems that do not access biometric devices or aren’t in favor of fingerprint logon, you still need to set a password of Windows 7 to protect your PC. It is highly recommended that you create a Windows 7 password reset disk to avoid any hurdle in future. Even if you still don’t create the password reset disk or an installation, you can use Windows password recovery software for example Windows Password Unlocker, a professional and efficient toolkit to reset Windows 7 password by a bootable CD/DVD/USB flash drive.

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