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How to Unlock HP Laptop on Windows 10, 8, 7

This article will show you how to unlock HP laptop with Windows when you forgot HP laptop password. And it is also suitable for HP desktop and notebook computers with Windows. Besides, this instruction is valuable and helpful for all Windows operating system, including Windows 10, Windows 8, 7, XP and Vista. This passage has 4 parts focusing on the HP Laptop login issue. In the first part, I list all reasons you can’t login to Windows on HP Laptop. The second to fourth parts is solutions to unlock HP computer desktop when you forgot password for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP or Vista. See the below content table.

Part I: Why Locked out of HP Laptop

There are four reasons when you are unable to access Windows for HP Laptop users. You can’t login to you HP computer when you forgot the admin login password. Beside, the remaining 3 issues might be:
  • 1. You can't log in to your Microsoft Account.
  • 2. Your sign-in password is incorrect.
  • 3. You forgot your local user account password.

Part II: Unlock HP Windows 10 laptop

This part will guide you to unlock HP Laptop Windows 10 when you forgot Windows 10 password. Please determine which type of account before you would like to recover the lost password.

How to unlock hp laptop by resetting Microsoft Account password

If you use the Microsoft account to sign in the HP laptop Windows 10, you can unlock hp laptop without password by resetting Your Microsoft Account Password for Windows 10. And HP Support site had made a video tutorial about how to change or reset password for Windows 10. Follow the below video guide to unlock the laptop.

How to Remove Windows 10 Password for HP computer with Password Unlocker

Many HP laptop users didn’t use the Microsoft account to sign in to Windows. Alternatively, they use the local account. Therefore, you have to reset the local account password if you forgot the admin or user local password. What you need is a third-party software. Here I recommend you to use Password Unlocker. The following is the screenshot of this Windows password Recovery software. And if you would like to use this tool to fix this problem, please refer to the detail guide on How to Change or bypass Windows 10 password. This guide will step by step show you how to remove the forgot password. hp laptop password reset tool screenshot

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Part III: How to Unlock Laptop on Windows 7

In this part, I would like to teach you how to reset forgot hp laptop for Windows 7 by using Password Reset Disk. This method is totally free. But you need created it for your HP computer before you lose the password. As how to use the password reset disk to unlock laptops for Windows 7, please see the details on Tips for How to Use password reset disk windows 7

password reset disk for windows 7 to unlock hp laptop Moreover, you could use Password Unlocker to create a bootable password reset disk without password. Because you have to create the password reset disk before hp computer is locked. But the bootable password reset disk creation don't need the password. And you just need an accessible computer. Go to the article: Create A Windows Password Reset Disk If you Forgot Windows Password for details.

Part IIII: Reset forgot HP Laptop password for Windows 8

This part is about how to crack HP laptop when you forgot Windows 8 password for your HP laptop. And here take the HP Pavilion Laptop as the example. In fact, it is also suitable for other computers, such as Dell, Asus, Lenovo, Compaq and Toshiba. Watch the following video guide.

How to Reset My HP to Factory Settings Windows 8/10

In additional, many HP laptop users often ask the question: how to factory reset HP laptop on Windows. Even though it isn’t about password, I found a video tutorial. So I list here. Watch it if you need to factory reset HP computer.

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