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Permanently Delete Your Important Files with Eraser

Ricky Russell

Sep 28,2012 09:48 / Posted by to Extensional Tips
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Without doubting, every of us might come across various PC errors. You might feel frustrated as you forgot Windows 7 password and locked out of your computer or computer blue screen occurred, etc. Keeping calm is the first thing you should do whenever a computer problem occurred. Next you can turn to either your friends or Google to get the best solution. Here will introduce you an easy way to delete files permanently from your PC.

Why need to permanently delete files from your PC?

Formatting, Deleting or "SHITF+Deleting" can not permanently delete files from computer. It only removes the reference of the files from the file system table and the files remain on the disk until they are overwritten by other files. You can easily recover them simply by using some data recovery software. This is really a piece of good news if you accidently delete or formatted some precious files, but bad news and make you feel worried when you need to remove some sensitive data. For security concerns, it’s better to delete the files permanently with a security tool, leaving the files unrecoverable with any recovery manger.

How to permanently delete files from PC?

Eraser is the highly suggested program when it comes to delete files permanently or securely form your PC. This advanced security tool allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns in Windows 7/Vista/XP and Windows server 2003/2008. Most of important, it's completely free of charge.
Download Eraser form the best free software download website – After launching it, a simple box that allows you to immediately delete files and folders on demand will come up. Here you can also schedule an erase. Learn how to permanently delete files with Eraser by taking following steps.

  • Step 1. Add the files you want to delete permanently into Eraser.
  • Note: 3 ways are available to enter data into the list if you erase files by using the on demand method:

    • Way 1. Select files and folders in Explorer and drag and drop them to the list
    • Way 2. Copy them to the clipboard and then paste them to the list
    • Way 3. Use the New Task command in the File menu.
  • Step 2. Select the method of removal.

    Once you have added the data you wish to erase to the list, you need to select the method of deletion: The Gutmann Method (Default), The US DoD 5220-22.M Method or The Pseudorandom Data Method.
  • Step 3. Permanently delete files you’ve selected.
  • Now you can run Eraser. It will ask you for confirmation before it starts erasing, so make sure you are sure you want to delete the selected files. Be aware this is your last chance to prevent data from being accidentally erased.

    Alternative to Eraser – CCleaner

    Eraser is professionally designed for removing files securely delete files. You don’t have to install this tool if CCleaner is already installed in your computer. As the most PC optimization and cleaning tool, CCleaner comes with the Drive Wiper feature to help you wipe only free space or the entire drive, making it impossible for anyone to restore the data originally saved in this space. Compared with the Drive Wiper of CCleaner, Eraser is more convenient and powerful.

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