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What is GPU Acceleration in RAR Password Recovery?

Terri Collins

Sep 21,2012 03:22 / Posted by to RAR/ZIP Tips
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In RAR/Office password recovery tools, such as RAR Password Unlocker, you may have seen that GPU acceleration is supported to speed up RAR password recovery for many times. But you may do not know what GPU acceleration is and how it actually works. That are what we will discuss in this passage.

What is GPU?

rar archiverGPU (Graphics Processing Unit), popularized by NVIDIA in 1999, is a specialized electronic circuit designed to rapidly manipulate and alter memory to accelerate the building of images in a frame buffer intended for output to a display.

Firstly GPU only works on computer graphics processing, now is used in more fields, including video decoding, and computationally-intensive tasks, such as password decryption.

GPU uses a huge number of transistors to create a large number of processing units and high floating point arithmetic speed, thus shows great ability in data decryption.
In a personal computer, a GPU can be present on ATI and NVIDIA video card. That is to say, RAR GPU password recovery makes use of ATI and NVIDIA graphic card.

How fast GPU arithmetic speed is?

Highly parallel structure of modern GPUs makes them more effective than general-purpose CPUs when processing of large blocks of data. A modern GPU (e.g. 8800 GTX or later) can readily simultaneously interpret hundreds of thousands of very small programs.

CPU floating-point arithmetic speed is normally below 10 Gflops (floating-point operations per second), the speed of NVIDIA GeForce6 series is already about 40 Gflops, and GeForce7950GX2 even reaches 384 Gflops.

The GPU calculates 10 - 40 times faster than the conventional CPU used by password recovery programs.

How to remove WinRAR/RAR password with GPU acceleration?

Though GPU seems so powerful, it is easy to enjoy its high performance arithmetic speed with ATI or NVIDIA video card. More than 90% of new desktop and notebook computers have integrated GPU video card now, so normally you need nothing for RAR GPU password recovery.

RAR Password Unlocker automatically detects NVIDIA and ATI cards available for acceleration on a target computer, and uses them to carry out GPU RAR password recovery process without your settings. It can use multiple cards simultaneously.

Note: As every GPU requires "dedicated" CPU core to drive it, it is recommend that number of CPU cores to be not less than number of GPU cards.

RAR Password Unlocker supports all types of NVIDIA cards at present, and will add support for ATI graphic cards soon. With this GPU acceleration and SSE tech, you will easily remove WINRAR password.

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