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Forgot Office Word 2010 Password?

Terri Collins

Jan 27,2013 04:20 / Posted by to Office Tips
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Have you ever been troubled by a forgotten password? I believe most of us will say "yes". Forgetting a password is annoying and frustrating. Fortunately we still have chance to recover the forgotten passwords sometimes. Here you'll find out how to recover your password when you forgot Office Word 2010 password.

forgot Word 2010 password

What Word 2010 password recovery methods you can use?

To recover a forgotten Word 2010 password, the widely used attacks are Brute-force attack and Dictionary attack. Brute-force attack will crack a forgotten password by trying all possible combinations of the password. This method is time-consuming, especially if the forgotten password is long and complicated. You'll have no choice but use it if know nothing about the lost password.

However, it will greatly reduce the recovery time if you still remember some characteristics about the forgotten password, like the password length, the prefix or suffix, etc. In that case, you can use the Brute-force with Mask attack to specify the search range and shorten the time in recovering. This attack is highly suggested.

And the Dictionary attack is a password recovery method that will check the combinations from a dictionary file as possible password until it finds the correct password or until all the words in the dictionary have been verified. Best if you use regular words or phrases for password.

No matter what password attacks you'd like to use, the first thing is to find a great Office or Word password recovery tool and it supports Word 2010 password recovery, like Word Password Unlocker.

How long will it take to retriever a lost Word 2010 password?

As for the time to recover a Word 2010 password, it might take you a few seconds or minutes if the password is simple and short. But if the password is long and complicated, it might costs days and months. In reality, the recovery time depends on the strength of the lost password, your computer performance, the password cracker tool you've chosen, and more.

What's Word Password Unlocker and how to recover Word 2010 password with it?

Word Password Unlocker is designed by the professional and popular password recovery tool provider, Password Unlocker. With this password recovery tool, you can easily recover forgotten passwords from encrypted Microsoft Office Word 97-2010 documents through Brute-force, Brute-force with Mask and Dictionary attacks. This tool takes advantage of advanced password search algorithm and SSE technology for fast recovery. The best part is that Word Password Unlocker supports acceleration on GUPs and Multi-core CPUs.

It comes with simple GUI interface and allows you to do the Word 2010 password recovery in 3 simple steps.

  • Step 1. Download and install Word Password Unlocker.
  • Step 2. Import the Word 2010 file you want to recover password for.
  • Step 3. Select one of the password attacks and customize settings if needed.
  • Step 4. Click Start to begin recovering the forgotten password.

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