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Forgot Password? Password Unlocker Bundle is Your Best Solution!

Jerry Leo

Aug 13,2012 03:16 / Posted by to Windows Tips
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It's easy to forget your password, like Windows login password, Office password, RAR password and more. As a password recovery tool provider, I often receive some emails about how to recover or reset the login/open password. I have collected some issues as follow:

  • Q1. Forgot Windows 7 administrator password?
  • Q2. How to reset Windows 8 password after forgetting it?
  • Q3. How to recover passwords for my Office 2010/2007 files?
  • Q4. Forgot MS SQL Server SA and other user password?
  • Q5. Forgot password for RAR archive or PDF file?

If so, Password Unlocker Bundle will be your best solution! This program delivers you an easy and fast way to recover or reset password for various application and files.

What’s Password Unlocker Bundle?

Password Unlocker Bundle is an all-in-one password recovery tool to recover any forgotten passwords you need at high speed. With this bundle, you can reset/recover login or open passwords for up to 60 types of files and applications, including Windows, Office Word/Excel/PDF, RAR/ZIP archives, PDF files and more. By adopting the latest technologies like GPU-acceleration, this bundle allows you to recover or reset password at faster speed than other similar programs.
This program is easy, fast and safe to use for everyone. 100% security is guaranteed. And it comes with auto-save feature that allows you to stop and resume password recovery anytime. It also includes the ability to scan for all password-protected files on your computer.

Advantages of Password Unlocker Bundle

The biggest advantage of Password Unlocker Bunlde is that this program can easily recover or reset password for everything, like Windows, MS SQL Server, RAR/ZIP, MS Office files, PDF files, etc. It supports the latest versions of these applications and files, like Windows 7, Office 2010, etc. And no matter what kind of password you want to recover or reset, it will only require you a few simple clicks with its extremely simple GUI interface.

Its extraordinarily fast password recovery speed is another remarkable feature. With this program, you can instantly reset any forgotten Windows password, reset MS SQL Server SA and other user password, and recover passwords for MS Access databases, Outlook and Outlook express emails, IE websites and IM. By using SEE and unique search algorithm, Password Unlocker Bundle lets you recover passwords for various files and archives at high speed. Moreover, NVIDIA/ATI GPU-acceleration and Multi-core CPU acceleration are newly added to significantly speed up the recovery process for Office 2010/2007 files, RAR archives and PDF feels.

Software bundles are a great way to get some great new apps at great discount, and Password Unlokcer Bundle is no exception. It allows you to get 14 password recovery tools bundled at a very low price, especially the Standard version. Including all the features of Windows password recovery tool plus other 13 password recovery tools, Windows Password Unlokcer Standard will charge you only more $10 than a Windows password recovery tool.

The Disadvantages of Password Unlocker Bundle:

Password Unlocker Bundle is great. If you have to find the defect about this tool, it should be that it’s the included password recovery feature doesn’t support IE9.


Password Unlocker Bundle is really excellent choice when you forgot password for Windows, MS SQL server, Office, RAR or others. It allows you to recover or reset various passwords in an easy, fast and safe manner. If you forgot Windows password, this bundle would be better than a Windows password reset tool.

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