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How to Enable Parental Control in Windows 8?

Elva Chrys

Sep 24,2012 03:54 / Posted by to Windows Tips
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Kids' online security is a great concern for all parents. In Windows 7, you can set up parental controls to manage how your children use the computer, making them safer online without constantly peeking over their shoulders.

You can set limit on how computer time children have, as well as which programs and games they can use (and perhaps more importantly, when). You can even lock access to objectionable TV shows and movies though the Parental Controls in Windows Media Center. Those are what you can do in Windows 7. In Windows 8, the parental controls are greatly improved. More things you can do to keep your child online activity safe.

What are the parental controls in Windows 8?

Just like Windows 7, Windows 8 also allows you to block specific applications and games or set an appropriate game rating level. In addition, this new operating system comes with several levels for you to choose for web filtering. Once the filtering is enabled, SafeSearch is locked into the "Strict" setting for popular search engines to filter out adult text, images, and videos from your search results. You can also set time limits to restrict the number of hours per day your child can use their PC and a game-rating level to prevent them from seeing apps in the Windows Store above a particular age rating.

How to Enable Parental Control in Windows 8?

  • Step 1. Press windows logo key + C on your keyboard open the charm bar.
  • Step 2. Click on Search tab to open a new UI will appear on right side of your screen.
  • Step 3. Type “parent controls” and click on settings tab, you will get two results. Click any one of the result. It will open a new window that shows all the users account along with their priorities.
  • Step 4. Cick on the user which you prefer to use parental control.
  • Step 5. Click on the radio button labeled as "On, enforce current settings" to enable parental control for the current user and all hidden fields will be highlighted. Now you can set parental controls like time limit, games block, etc.

In reality, you can directly set parental control by assigning a newly-created a standard user account as a child account. Whenever you create a new user account, you can see the message "Is this a child's account? Turn on Family Safety to get reports of their PC use". Just check the box in front of this message and the new-created user account will be a child account and parental control is enabled. You'll be able to review weekly reports that describe your children’s PC use.

More Tips and Warnings

  • 1. You (parents) should log in as the computer administrator and make sure children have separate standard accounts.
  • 2. In Windows 8, accounts that the administrator or "parent" creates are automatically created as standard accounts. This will prevent children from accessing their parent's email, online accounts, documents, and more and allows them to customize their own account settings without affecting their parent's account.
  • 3. Password protect your administrator account and child account for security reasons. Don't forget a Windows 8 password reset disk to avoid troubles caused by a lost forgotten password in future.
  • 4. If you forgot Windows 8 password, Windows Password Unlocker will be your helper. The Windows 8 password recovery feature will be soon available.

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