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Choose an Efficient Deleted File Recovery Tool

Ricky Russell

Mar 04,2013 06:20 / Posted by to Data Recovery Tips
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Lost or Deleted Your Files?

Though it's highly suggested to have a backup of you important data regularly and there exists some great tools to help you do this job easily and convenient, you might be still troubled by lost or deleted files. Sometimes, we simply get our files lost due to accidental deletion, virus attacks, formatting, system crash and more can simply cause data loss. If the lost files are important and critical, it might be a disaster or nightmare for you.

deleted files

What you should feel lucky is that deleted file recovery is possible. Why? That's because your data and partitions actually remain intact on your hard drive after deleting or formatting, until they are being overwritten by other data. Here you'll learn how to perform deleted file recovery.

Things You'll Need for Deleted File Recovery

When you find your files lost, the first stop saving files to the hard disk or device where the lost data store. Otherwise the lost data will be overwritten and the chance of recovering it is little. Next, what you need to get a great data recovery tool. There are many data recovery tools enables you to recover lost data from your computer, digital camera, memory card, USB drive, hard drive and other storage devices.

Some great data recovery tools come with advanced scanning mechanisms and allow you to easily and securely scan entire hard drive and extract lost files. And these deleted file recovery tools usually come in simple GUI interface for easy operations. You can recover deleted files within a few simple clicks. 100% security is also guaranteed.

Hodo Data Recovery - A Great Deleted File Recovery Tool

Hodo Data Recovery is a great choice. It comes with a Lost File Recovery module to recover your deleted files lost due to any reasons (virus attacks, deletion by pressing Shift +Delete or emptying recycle bin, software crash, etc.) from PCs, external hard drive and other storage devices. In addition, this windows data recovery tool also comes with formatted recovery, partition recovery and raw file recovery modules for different data loss situations.

  • Lost or Deleted Files Recovery - Recover deleted files caused by any reasons from PCs and removable devices.
  • Formatted Recovery - Recover your important files lost due to the complete formatting of the partitions or the logical volume.
  • Partition Recovery – Retrieve your deleted or lost partitions as well the data on them.
  • Raw File Recovery – Recover any data lost due to any reasons from any devices. If you fail with the other there recovery modules, you can try this recovery module for maximum recovery.

In short, Hodo Data Recovery supports recovery of 500+ file formats and works with all data loss situations. With the ready-only and non-destructive design, this data recovery tool guarantees 100% safe data recovery. And it's very easy to use, only 3 simple steps required: Download -> Scan -> Recover. Lost your files, have a try of Hodo Data Recovery.

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