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Two Credible Options To Create Windows 7 Password Reset USB Drive

Jerry Leo

Apr 07,2012 07:23 / Posted by to Windows Tips
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Due to its tiny size and compact specifications, a USB flash drive is an ultimate portable device in our life. We often rely on USB flash drives to transfer data or take it as a back-up storage device. Further more, we can create a disk for Windows 7 password reset with this tiny kit, which is helpful when you forgot the logon password for your computer.

As to a Windows password reset USB drive, there are 2 methods available for you. One is to create such a password reset disk by the built-in Password reset disk function of Windows while the other rely on a Windows password recovery software. As for the detailed steps, they are listed as below.

Option 1: Create Windows 7 Password Reset USB Via Windows Built-in Features

This is the trick which provides by Microsoft. The following instructions will show you how to make full use of Windows built-in features to create a windows 7 password reset disk.

  • 1.Go to Start->Control Panel->User Account and Family Safety->User Account in order
  • 2.Click Create a password reset disk and then Forgotten Password Wizard pops up
  • 3.Click Next and insert a USB flash drive
  • 4.Follow the Forgotten Password Wizard to complete the operations.

When you enter a wrong password on the windows 7 logon screen, a password reset link will appear. At that time, you can click on that link and insert the password reset USB drive to reset Windows 7 password in a while.

Option 2: Create Windows 7 Password Reset USB with Windows Password Unlocker

By this method, we will introduce Windows Password Unlocker for your needs. Following is the step-by-step guide to show you how to create Windows password reset USB flash drive via this powerful software.

Note: As to create a password reset USB for Windows password 7 recovery, you can try with Windows Password Unlocker Professional or Windows Password Unlocker Enterprise instead.

  • 1. Download and install Windows Password Unlocker Professional in any available computer.

    Note: Please download it in a computer that you can run as administrator.
  • 2. Run the application and insert a USB flash drive in an available computer.
  • 3. Click Local Account and USB, and click Burn to burn a Windows password reset USB drive.
  • 4. Click Ok when the Windows 7 password reset USB drive is created.

If you need to unlock Windows 7 password with it, just boot the locked computer from it and then you can follow its wizard to remove your forgotten password on Windows 7.

By the way, if necessary you can also take an available blank CD/DVD to create a password reset disk in hand when you are going to reset Windows 7 password with the above 2 methods.

View details about How to Reset Win 7 Password with a USB Flash Drive.

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