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An All-embracing Collection of PDF Editor, Convertor and Password Recovery

Terri Collins

Apr 09,2012 03:35 / Posted by to Office Tips
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PDF is short by Portable Document Format, a file format used for document exchange, transmitted or reproduced accurately. When talking about PDF, many of us do familiarize with it, but can we truly grasp its kernel? This article is especially dedicated to our office clerks and full-time equivalence for back-to-school coming.

No matter whether you are a undergraduate or an office staffer, acquaintance with PDF Editor, PDF Converter and PDF Password Recovery will facilitate our work or study and lighten a little pressure.

Content Table:

Part One: Want PDF files changes? - Ask for PDF Editor

One day, you were informed to forward a PDF file to the boss immediately. But the dilemma was the PDF file has not been modified. So you had no idea to deal with it and like a cat on hot bricks.

Have a deep breath! PDFescap and Foxit may play into your hands.

1. PDFescape - Free Online PDF Editor

Looking for a free PDF Editor? A new way to open and edit PDF files online, PDFescape frees users from the typical software requirements for using the de facto document file format. Completely online, PDFescape requires no more than a modern internet browser and an active internet connection. It's not a web-based PDF Editor for working with text but more of a tool to add to your documents (fill-in PDF forms, edit forms, add / remove text paragraphs, add graphics, etc.)

2. Foxit PDF Editor - A Ture and Free-chargeable PDF Solution(what-you-see-is-what-you-get)

Foxit PDF Editor is another addition to the growing list of editors that allow you to edit PDF documents the way you want. It is a real PDF Editor which allows you to modify any page contents within any PDF documents. Except editting or changing text, Foxit can assist to remove, append, insert watermark, images,graphics or shadings etc. All PDF file modification depends on your favorite! With this true assistant, you will fix the challenge of modifying PDF files breezily and without much effort.

Part Two: What is PDF Converter for?

PDF Converter is a clean-interface and simple-operate format conversion toolkit which can convert Word/Excel/TXT or other format to PDF format. Conversely, so it does.

Now, be all ears and master a new skill of PDF Convertor.

1. do PDF - Get it in no charge!

doPDF is free and enjoyable PDF Converter which installs itself as a virtual PDF printer driver. Only with one click can you convert your MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents etc. to PDF files. It doesn't require third party tools to be installed in order to generate the PDF file (like Adobe Acrobat or GhostScript). Choosing doPDF, you will deal with the conversion in high-express. In addition, this freeware has great compatibility with Windows XP/7/Vista/2000/2003.

2. Nemo PDF Converter --- Wow, fast, easy and efficient!

Nemo PDF Converter can convert PDF to Word/RTF and Word/Excel to PDF which keeps intact of the original files and supports batch conversion. What’s more, it provides us friendly interface and easy-to-use operation, which drives away your anxiety as a tyro. It is worth to mention that Nemo PDF Converter converts the files whether just a few pages or an entire one. Only after devotion and enjoyment, can you understand its high efficiency and speed of conversion.

Part Three: Ways to tackle password-encrypted PDF files

Suppose you are an author or publisher, the imperative thing is to copyright your article in case of plagiarizing or illegal reprint. But a rainy day happens by accident that you forgot or lost PDF password. It seems a big and horrible thing when refused to access the PDF documents.

Have a rest, PDF password recovery tools will make it sense and remove PDF password within minutes.

1. PDFcrack—Ready to free crack PDF password now!

PDF crack is one of the best free-chargeable PDF password recovery tool, which can both crack owner and user passwords securely and promptly. It is small, command line driven without external dependencies. As mentioned, PDF crack is a free Windows binary version of the open source PDF crack utility for Linux. By the way, except removing PDF password, PDFcrack can recover the content from PDF files.

2. PDF Password Unlocker - Portable and handy tool for a big favor!

PDF Password Unlocker has great performance on PDF password recovery, which is highly appreciated and popular by Windows users. As a powerful PDF password remover, three kinds of attacks PDF Password Unlocker offered are available for you to recover lost PDF password which makes less time-consuming and simplifies the difficulty in removing PDF password. Furthermore, with friendly and intuitive interface, PDF Password Unlocker will bring a paradisical day to you.

Have you totally mastered today's introductive curriculum? But the most factor on every tools whether free or chargeable is actually operating by yourself. Provided that you did not understand clearly, contact with us, we will give you a severable hand.

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