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How to Change Password on Windows 8

Elva Chrys

May 03,2018 01:37 / Posted by to Windows Tips
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You've used a Windows 8 password for a long time and it's time to change it to a new for keeping your computer more secure. You also want to change it when you forgot Windows 8 password. Here's going to talk about how to change Windows 8 password in these 2 different cases. And this article will show you some great Windows 8 Change Password tips and trick.

Case 1. Windows 8 Change Password When Remembered

In this case, you can easily log into the target Windows 8 user account and change its password on the PC settings window. Detailed steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open the PC Settings window.
Press Windows + I to open the Settings window and then select Change PC settings to open the PC Settings window.

how to change my windows 8 password

Step 2: Select Change your password option
On the PC settings window, select the Users on the left and you'll see the Change your password option on the right. Then select the change password option. You'll be asked to type the current password. Type the password and go to the change password window.

how to change computer password windows 8

Step 3: Set a new Windows 8 password
On the change password window, enter a new password for your Windows 8 user account, type the password again to confirm it. Next set a password hint and click Next, and then click Finish to save changes.

how to change your laptop password windows 8

Besides, you can change a Windows 8 password from an administrator account on the same computer. But this is not suggested if you still remember the password as this will cause data loss.

Case 2. Change Password Windows 8 if Forgotten

It's possible to change Windows 8 password even you cannot remember it. 3 methods are available.

<3>Method 1. Use another admin account

As mentioned above, you can log in as administrator to manage another account on the same PC, including changing the password of another account. No original password will required, but all EFS-encrypted files, personal certificates, and stored password for websites and network resources will be lost.

Method 2. Use password reset disk

Windows 8 allows users to create a password reset disk beforehand. With such a password reset disk at hand, you can easily change Windows 8 password to a new one when you forgot it. Learn how to create and use Windows 8 password reset disk.

change Win 8 password with reset disk

Method 3. Use Reset Windows Password Software

As one of the most popular Windows password reset tools preferred by many users, Windows Password Unlocker or Password Unlocker, which allow you to reset a forgotten Windows 8 password in 3 easy and quick ways. One of the ways is to change a forgotten Windows 8 password easily. And 100% security guaranteed.

change forgot windows 8 password with password unlocker

If your operating system is not Windows 8 and would like to change password, here is an article How to change password windows 10/7/8/XP, which will show you some amazing password changing tips and tricks for Windows 10, 7, XP and Vista.

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