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3 Useful Ways How to Bypass Windows 7 Password Without CD/Reset Disk

Jerry Leo

May 14,2018 05:39 / Posted by to Windows Tips
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In this article, I will talk about how to bypass Windows 7 password when you lost password for Windows 7.

Whether you've just bought a new Windows 7 PC or upgraded to Windows 7, it's necessary for you to set a strong password to protect your computer data and stop unauthorized users. Meanwhile, some precautionary measures should also be taken in case the password you have created on Windows 7 is forgotten or lost.

However, not all users know and remember to take these preventive measures. If you are a green hand with computer, there are still 3 common options for Windows 7 password recovery.

Way 1: Bypass Windows 7 Password with Fingerprint Logon

Windows 7 provides native support for fingerprint biometric devices through Windows Biometric Framework (WBF). Of course, the premise is that your laptop or computer has a biometric sensor.

Get details with fingerprint recovery, visit Enable Fingerprint Logon, Free From Lost Windows 7 Password.

Way 2: Bypass administrator Windows 7 Password with an Installation Disc

As is known, the System Recovery Options, provided by computer manufacturer, offers Windows installation disc or the recovery options which can help you reset the lost Windows 7 password. Now, create an installation disc by yourself.

Step 1:Enter system repair disc into the search box in the Start menu. And then click Create a system repair disc.

Step 2: Insert a blank CD/DVD into the optical drive. And Click Create disc.

Bypass Windows 7 Password using system repair disc

Step 3: The System Recovery Options are displayed, and then reset Windows 7 password.

system recovery option

Way 3: Bypass Windows 7 Password with Reliable Software

There are various tools online. Take two kinds of widespread toolkit for your reference.

1. Ophcrack

Ophcrack logoOphcrack is one of the most popular free Windows password recovery tool based on rainbow tables. It can help you reset Windows password less than 14 characters. Once you forgot password on Windows 7, it is a good choice to download the version compatible with Window 7.

  • Pros:
    » Runs on Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, ...
    » One of the best Windows password recovery freeware
    » You can Get back the forgotten Windows password
    » LiveCD available to simplify the cracking.
  • Cons:
    » You can only reset the password less than 14 characters.
    » Always failed to recover Windows password as its large ISO file

2. Windows Password Unlocker

Ophcrack logo

Windows Password Unlocker is a highly appreciated Windows password recovery toolkit, especially designed for novice or beginners. With this tool, you can get instant access to locked computer without the old password and computer skills. Prepare a bootale CD/DVD or USB flash drive and reset the password step-by-step with less than 5 minutes.

  • Pros:
    » Easily reset Windows password for all kinds of Windows OS
    » Support to reset password on Windows 8/7/XP/Vista/2008/2003/2000
    » 100% recovery rate with a bootable CD/DVD/USB
  • Cons:
    » An available pc and a bootable CD/DVD/USB requires.
    » The trial version can only list the user name but not reset the passwords

Some Tips For Preventing from Windows 7 Password Lost

By the way, we have collected some tips to avoid or lessen Windows 7 password lost trouble.

1. Set a password hint when creating the Windows 7 password, which will remind you of the forgotten password.

2. Create a password reset disk for your Windows 7 account, which you've never worried about if you forgot password on Windows 7 account. Write the password down and place it securely.

3. Create a system repair disk. You'll be able to access to the recovery options and bypass Windows 7 password with ease.

With these preventive measures, it's a piece of cake for Windows 7 password reset and regain access to your compute even if you forgot the password.

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