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How to Reset Password on Windows 8

"Things seem to be terrible for I forget my Windows 8 password and now I cannot login to my laptop. I did not create a password reset disk or set a pin code to reset password. So, is there any way to recover Windows 8 password without disk? Or is there any solution to reset password on Windows "

This should be the most terrible thing that occurs to Windows 8 users. As we know, Windows 8 operating system provides several ways to reset password, for example, pin code, another Admin account and Microsoft MSN account which allows you to create a Pin code then to reset password. But if these methods are not available, how to reset Windows 8 password ? Here is the solution.

When you cannot find any way to login to your Windows 8 PC, the best method is to create a password reset disk. To accomplish this, Windows Password Unlocker, a professional Windows 8 password recovery tool, can be your ideal tool. With this software, you can quickly access your locked computer without formatting your disk.

Guide for How to Reset Password on Windows 8

Step 1. Download and install the Windows 8 password reset tool to an accessible computer

Since you do not know your password, you cannot enter to your computer. You need another computer to install this Windows 8 password reset tool.

Step 2. Create a password reset disk

You can use a writable USB flash drive or a CD/DVD to burn to password reset disk. Here takes CD/DVD for example. 1. Insert the blank CD/DVD to the computer, run the Windows Password Unlocker software How to Reset Password on Windows 8 2. Select target device(CD/DVD) and click Burn CD/DVD button to create a password reset disk. Burn a Windows Password Reset CD/DVD 3. Click OK when the burning process completes. Now, the password reset disk is successfully created.

Step 3. Set your target computer BIOS to boot from CDROM or USB

Insert the CD/DVD disk to the computer which you want to reset password, and then boot the computer from the password reset disk. The following articles will show you in details how to boot your computer.

Step 4. Reset Windows 8 password

After you boot the computer, now you can reset password on Windows 8 1. Select the operating system installation you want to reset password of. 2. Remove/change the Windows password or create a new Windows password. 3. After the password is reset, you can restart your computer and then logon it with new password. Remember to remove the password reset disk before you start the computer.

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