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PDF Password Remover

PDF Password Remover User Guide

Learn how to remove password and restrictions from encrypted PDF files easily and instantly by using PDF Password Remover.

PDF Password Remover is a great PDF protection remover that allows you to directly remove PDF owner password and restrictions on printing, editing, copying, etc. It can aslo remove PDF user passwrod if you have the correct password

Download and install this program in computer, launch it and remove password from PDF files by taking following guide.

Step 1.Import PDF files
Click the Add button to import the PDF files that you want to remove password and restrictions from into this program.

Step 2. Specify the output folder
Select the Customize option to specify the folder for saving the decrypted PDF files in the Output Folder area. You can also save the results in the source folder.

Step 3. Remove password and restrictions
Click Start button to remove PDF password and restrictions. The PDF password and restrictions will be removed in a few seconds.

Important:When you add a PDF file protected with open/user password, it will ask you to enter the correct password to decrypt it at first. Here you can type either a correct user password or owner password. After added, click Start button to remove restrictions from it.