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Office Password Breaker User Guide

Office Password Breaker User Guide

Here you can learn the tutorial for Excel/Word password recovery with this powerful Office Password Breaker.

Forgot Word documents password and Excel spreadsheets password? Office Password Breaker allows you to perform Word password remove and Excel password remove with one easy wizard. It is a safe and reliable Office password remover to unlock documents created in Microsoft Office Word and Excel 97, 2000 and 2003.

Important: Before starting to remove Word password or Excel password, you should make sure that network connection and installation of MS Office Word and Excel 97 or further versions are available.

1 Import the word document or Excel spreadsheets from where you want to remove password

You can either click Browse button or click File button to select Open File to load your target document.
import MS Office file

2 After loading your target file, click Remove Password button to start resetting password

Select MS Office file

3 Wait for feedback after breaking Word or Excel password.

When the lost password has been successfully reset, a copy of Word document without password or Excel spreadsheets with password of "999" will be created in the same folder of your target file. And some dialog boxes will pop up as follows:

1st. After the password has been successfully reset, it will firstly pop up a dialog box. Click OK to continue.

Note: 1. If your target file is a Word document, the words on the dialog box will be Decrypt successfully as follows:
Office Password Unlocker Tab

2. If your target file is an Excel document, the words on the dialog box will be Excel password has been successfully reset to "999" as follows:
Office Password Recovery

2nd. It will come up a dialog box which will remind you of the left using times of Office Password. Click OK.
Smart Mutations

3rd. The following software screen with Open document button will appear.

If you click Open document button, you can open the cop of target Word document directly without password or the copy of target Excel spreadsheet with password of "999" now.
recover the lost MS office password

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