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IE Password Unlocker

IE Password Unlocker User Guide

Here you can learn the tutorial on how to recover Internet Explorer saved passwords with powerful IE Password Unlocker.

Internet Explorer Password Unlocker is professionally designed to recover the forgotten user logins and their passwords to websites remembered by Internet Explorer 8/7/6. It can instantly display the stored website URL, user logins, and passwords with one simple click, no matter how long and complicated the lost password is. See how it works now.

1 Download the program, install it on your computer, and launch it.
2click Search button or Recovery Search, and the passwords together with their Website URL and User name will display.

Recover Website Passwords

Website URL: Refers to the address of the website. Please note that the URLs appear here are not the full URLs, but only the root of the site. Actually, the system doesn't save the full URL, so we can't really retrieve it.

User Name: It is the user name with which you use to log in the web site or web page that password is required.

Password: This is the password that is required to log in a certain password required web site or web page.