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Password Unlocker Bundle 6.0 Comes into Existing to Recover Passwords

Password Unlocker Bundle 6.0 comes into existing by improving on an overall scale on the basis of Password Unlocker Bundle 5.5, including not only the user-friendlier interfaces but function amendment, mainly function refinement for a smoother using.

Password Unlocker Bundle is a software technology to recover passwords of most popular files, including documents, like PDF, Office, archives, like ZIP and RAR, databases, like MS SQL, Access, email passwords in Outlook, Outlook Express, and the passwords cached in Microsoft Internet Explorer, and those of Instant Messengers. The Bundle can also recover passwords for Windows Operating system, either administrator or user passwords.

This piece of technology has adopted the cutting-edge password recovery methods. It's with the fast brute-force attack, effective brute-force with mask attack, and the customizable dictionary attack for file and archive password recovery. And, this technology supports to recovery passwords cached in IE, Access, MS SQL server, Instant Messenger passwords in a matter of instance.

For 6.0, Password Unlocker Bundle running on Windows 7 can successfully recover passwords with dictionary attack, which once failed by the previous version. And, users may find it easier to use when try to recover ZIP password with ZIP Password Unlocker built in Password Unlocker Bundle, for this build has amended the problem that ZIP Password Unlocker cracks when runs on Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

The extraordinary improvement of Password Unlocker Bundle 6.0 is that the display card GPU counts. For in the previous version 5.5, display card model doesn't matter much, but in 6.0, an advanced display card model means incredibly faster speed. For example, if with all other configuration given, NVIDIA 7205 can only get a speed of about 120 guesses/second, while NVIDIA 250 can achieve a password recovery speed of more than 3000 guesses/second, which is unbelievably 30 times faster.

Some bugs may annoy you in the previous version, but in 6.0 such situations would comes less by less, for we have never stopped testing the released product, and trying our best to get them fixed.

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