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Password Unlocker Bundle 5.5 is Released Offering an All-in-one Password Recovery Solution

Password Unlocker Bundle 6.0 is developed with a simple idea: Offer an easy and all-in-one lost password recovery solution to benefit every computer user around the world. It is built with featured functions to recover lost passwords for Office files, like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Instant Messengers like MSN, GTalk, and AOL, Access, MS SQL databases, ZIP/WinZIP, RAR/WinRAR archives, Outlook Express, Outlook emails and PDF files. It also shows advantage in Windows password recovery to recover lost Windows administrator password or user passwords.

This password unlocker bundle integrated all the flagship products of Password Unlocker Corporation to make it simpler, easier and one-stop password recovery solution both at home and in office.

Three password recovery attack modes (brute-force attack, brute-force with mask attack, and dictionary attack) are applied for file and folder password recovery functions, like Word password recovery, Excel password recovery, PowerPoint password recovery, RAR password recovery, ZIP password recovery, and PDF password recovery. These attacks are the mostly used and the most effective password recovery method in password recovery industry.

The software kit can successfully and instantly recover lost passwords for Instant Messengers, Emails, and websites in Internet Explorer. Instant Messengers like MSN, GTalk, and AOL can be easily and instantly recovered in less than a second. For Outlook password recovery and Outlook Express password recovery, it can recover the Sever Address, Login, Password, and Server Type simultaneously. In recovering logins and passwords cashed in Internet Explorer, the tool can achieve the task in a snap. For recovering passwords for MSN, GTalk, and AOL, the engine displays Login, Password and the IM Type immediately.

Users don't have to install the application onto the server machine of the MS SQL when use it to recover the password either administrator password or other user passwords. If you've got the master.mdf file ready, you are easy to use it to recover the password on any computer and to reset the password to be blank.

The Password Unlocker Bundle performs excellent when referring to the Windows password recovery. It recovers not only Windows administrator password but user passwords with administrative privileges. The process is simple with burning the core Windows password recovery application ISO image file onto CD/DVD, use the CD/DVD to boot the locked computer, and proceeds to reset Windows password to be blank would be all at ease.

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