You forgot your Windows computer password and have spent lots of hours in attempting to get rid of it, why not look at the following tips. Here are top 5 ways to reset a forgotten Windows password, no matter what operating system you use.

1. Use Windows password reset disk

Forgot Windows password? It’s time to take out your previously created password reset disk. Windows 8/7/Vista/XP all comes with an option that lets you create a password reset disk to reset the password when forgetting the password and locked out of the user account. Turn on
the computer, log into the target user account without a wrong password, and then click the Reset password link under the password box. A wizard will pop up to guide you how to reset your forgotten password. Insert your password reset disk and follow the wizard to get started.

2. Use another administrator account on the same computer

Windows allows users to create multiple users with different permission levels for different purposes. If there’s more than one user account in your computer and one of the user accounts that you still remember the password of is an administrator, you can simply change the forgotten user account using this administrator account. And several methods are available when you can still log into the target computer as administrator. For example, You can also directly access the administrator account, and change the password for the target user account by entering lusrmgr.msc in the search box to open Local Users and Groups, and reset the password.

3. Use Windows installation disk

If you have a Windows installation disk, it’s not a big deal when your Windows password is forgotten. Just boot from the installation disk and choose Repair your computer. Follow the wizard until the recovery options come up. At that time select the Command Prompt option  to bypass your forgotten password. Please note the recovery options are still accessible in a system repair disc. You can create such a disc if you don’t have an installation CD in advance to troubleshoot your computer problems.

4. Use Windows password reset software

For most people, the best way for getting rid of a forgotten password Windows is to use a powerful and reliable Windows password reset program. With such a program, you can easily create a boot USB drive or CD/DVD in any other computer in seconds. Later you can boot the locked computer from the boot disk to reset your forgotten password. All it takes you a few minutes while easy, safe and quick operations are guaranteed. Windows Password Unlocekr is a stand-out one among all available Windows password recovery tools.

5. Use Ubuntu LiveCD

In addition, you can also reset a forgotten password in Windows by using Ubuntu Live CD, which basically is a disc that can run Ubuntu in isolation, and load all the essential components attached and/or installed into the system; you can access removable drives & primary storage mediums (HDDs), clone partitions, and apply numerous fixes without having to install an operating system. But the process is more difficult relative to the methods listed above.