I forgot my password on my windows 8 laptop. I do not have either administrator user accounts enabled on my laptop nor a password reset disk created in advance. I would greatly appreciate not having to re-install windows mostly because I have things on the laptop I would not like deleted and I have no idea where my windows 8 disc is anyway. Please help.

There are a number for third-party Windows password recovery tools available in the market whenever you forgot Windows password, and some of them now are updated to support Windows 8 password reset.

Windows Password Unlocker for Professional is a good example of these apps to help you erase forgotten Windows 8 local passwords. Coming with Windows and Mac versions, this powerful utility can help you easily and conveniently reset Windows 8 password at ease. No any special technical skills required. All you need is to find another PC and prepare a USB disk, and then your lost Windows 8 password can be reset in 5 minutes, regardless of the password strength.

Step 1. Download and install

Download the Windows Password Unlocker Professional in any PC that you can log in as administrator, and then install and run it. Administrator rights is required for software download in Windows.

Note: Windows Password Unlocker for Professional for Mac is available to help Mac users reset their forgotten passwords for Windows.

Step 2. Burn a boot Windows 8 password reset USB

Insert a USB flash drive in the computer, and it will recognized by Windows Password Unlocker. After that you can click Burn USB button to start burning a boot password reset USB disk. This will complete in a few seconds.

windows password reset software

Step 3. Configure BIOS settings

Inserted crated password reset USB disk in the computer you forgot password for, and then boot the computer . When t is powered on, check the boot-screen for setup key (i.e. DELETE key, F8 key, F2 key) to enter BIOS Setup Utility. Next set USB as the first boot device. This will open Windows Password Unlocker for Professional in Windows PE.


Step 4. Reset Windows 8 password

On the Windows Password Unlocker for Professional screen, select the Windows 8 user account you’ve been locked out, and then click reset button to erase its password. Next click Reboot button to restart your computer. Remove the inserted boot USB disk during resarting to boot from normal hard disk. You are able to log into the administrator account without being asked for a password.

windows password reset software