I have a HP pavilion G7 computer. It runs in Windows 8 and I forgot the password. Is there a way I can either reset the computer back to manufacture settings or something, or, erase the password? I don’t have the disk people were talking about and I only have another Mac. Is there a way I can still access this computer via my Mac?

You have nothing to worry about with respect to a similar Windows 8 forgot password problems. Windows Password Unlocker for Mac can help you easily burn a boot Windows password reset disk using a Mac to bypass forgotten password for Windows 8 on HP pavilion.

Things you’ll need:

  • 1.The HP Pavilion Windows 7 computer
  • 2. Windows Password Unlocker for Mac
  • 3. A blank and writable CD/DVD
  • 4. A Mac

Steps to create Windows password reset disk in Mac

After download of Windows Password Unlocker for Mac (download comes in the form of ISO image file) in your Mac, insert your CD/DVD, open Disk Utility window (Application – > Utilities -> Disk Utility), and then directly drop and drag the ISO image of Windows Password Unlocker for Mac in the widow and make it selected. After this, you can click the Burn button to burn the ISO image file to make a boot password reset disk for Windows.

Important: Windows Password Unlocker for Mac comes with 3 editions. For HP Windows 8 forgot password, the Professional edition is advised.


Steps to reset Windows 8 password for HP Pavilion

Once the boot password reset disk for Windows  is the created, insert it in your HP Pavilion Windows 8 computer and boot the machine from the boot disk to open Windows Password Unlocker in Windows PE.

reset button

As shown on the screen above, all the Widows 8 user accounts on your HP pavilion is listed by Windows Password Unlocker. Here you only need to select the target user account and click Reset button to clear its password. Next click Reboot button to start the computer from HP’s normal hard disk drive and when the Windows 8 login screen appears, you can log into the target user account in Windows 8 without password.

That’s it! It will cost you no more than 5 minutes in resetting password Windows 8. And this also works when HP Windows 7 forgot password, etc.