When you set a password for your Dell laptop, you’d better keep the password carefully in case of forgetting or losing the password. However, no matter how you carefully keep the password, you may forget or lose the password due to various reasons. How did you do when you forgot Windows 8 password on your Dell laptop? Can you yourself bypass Windows 8 password and access to your computer? This article will share you some methods to reset or change the password on the Windows 8/8.1 computer.

Method 1: Using Password Reset Disk

As the latest operating system, Window 8 provides you various ways to reset Admin password, among these ways, the easiest one should be the password reset disk. If you have created one, you will be very easy to change the password on the computer. Here is how.

lost Win 8 password

Step 1. Try to login your computer with wrong password
After input the wrong password, you will see the error message pop up, hit OK to try again, and now, you will see password hint and a “Reset password” link below the login box (see below screenshot).

Step 2. Reset the password
Next, insert the password reset disk to your Dell computer and hit the Reset password link, now you have enter the Password Reset Wizard window. Follow the steps to reset the password for your account.

Method 2: Reset dell laptop password windows 8 Using third-party software

Though a password reset disk is a good way to change password when the Admin password is lost or forgotten, many users do not know this tool or how to create it. So, what to do when you do not get a password reset disk? Here is how.

If you have not created a password disk before, you can also reset Windows 8 password on Dell laptop, you can use some third-party software to perform this process. Here, this Windows Password Unlocker could be your best choice. This tool can help you create a password reset disk and then change the password on your Dell computer.

Step 1: create a password reset disk
You can insert a blank CD, DVD or USB flash drive to the computer which you can access, then start the password reset tool. You will be asked to burn the password reset disk.

create password reset disk

Step 2. Insert the password reset disk and boot the computer
Power on the computer and set it boot from the inserted disk. After loading files, Windows Password Unlocker will show all your Windows 8 user accounts. Select the administrate account to reset the password.
reset Windows password

Step 3. Reboot the computer
Click reboot button to re-start the computer. Remove the password reset disk when the computer reboots. Now you can logon your computer with the new password.