I forgot my password to the only user on my Asus computer that’s running on Windows 7. I tried my old password and I tried the Password reset thing, “You need a password reset disc” that would have been great to know when I made the password, but anyway. If there anyway I can reset my computer password, or get my password back?

Reset Windows 7 password on the Asus computer

The only suggestion I offer here is to reset Windows 7 password on your Asus computer. You might feel confused as you’ve said password reset thing failed. Here I show you an effective way to reset password Windows 7. It works for any Asus models and it can also reset Windows 8/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000 password on an Asus computer. That’s to use Windows Password Unlocker.

What’s Windows Password Unlocker and how it works?

Currently, Windows Password Unlocker is the most popular application used to reset lost Windows 7 administrator and other passwords. It allows you to burn a boot password reset disk in any other PC or Mac to reset windows 7 password on Asus.


  • * Reset administrator, standard user and guest password in Windows 7.
  • * Work for all Asus models, regardless of its Windows operating system.
  • * Asus password can be reset in minutes, regardless of password strength.
  • * GUI interface and only a few clicks required for password reset.
  • * 100% safe reset process and nearly 100% success rate.


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Steps to do Asus Windows 7 reset password

Only 2 simple required.  Follow the guide below learn how to reset Windows 7 password on asus:

  • Step 1. Burn a boot password reset disk for Windows 7
    Launch Windows Password Unlocker after download and installation, insert a CD/DVD or USB flash drive, and then burn a boot password reset disk by clicking the Burn button.
    windows password reset software
  • Step 2. Reset Windows 7 password in Asus
    Insert the burned boot disk in your locked Asus computer, and start Asus from the disk and you’ll be presented to Windows password Unlocker. Next select the user account you want to reset password of and click reset button. Once the password is removed, restart your computer and access it without password.
    windows password reset software

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