My dad just purchased a laptop. I set a password on it and now can’t remember what the password is. It’s a Compaq new computer with windows 8. Is there any way to reset it?

Forgot Windows password? There are many great Windows password recovery tools are out there to help you fix it easily and conveniently. But when it comes to the latest Windows operating system, Windows Password Unlocker is the only tool I find so far that can reset password for Windows 8.

With Windows Password Unocker, you can easily burn a boot password reset CD/DVD/USB to reset forgotten local administrator and other user password in Windows 8 in a couple of minutes. No old password is required. No need to reinstall Windows 8. All you need is to find another PC or Mac and burn a boot password reset disk with Windows Password Unlocker. All PC brands are supported, including  Compaq. Easy to use for anyone. No any technical skills required.

Important: Windows 8 has two kinds of sign-in accounts: Microsoft account and Local account. If you sign in using a Microsoft account and forgot the password, no additional software is required as you can simply reset the password on Microsoft account sign-in webpage.

Download and install Windows Password Unlocker in a PC, and then learn how to reset Windows 8 password on a Compaq computer.

Steps to reset password for Windows 8 Compaq

Step 1. Burn a boot Windows 8 password reset disk
Launch Windows Password Unlocker, insert a CD/DVD or USB drive in your computer, and then click the Burn USB button or Burn CD button. A few seconds a later, a boot password reset disk will be created.
windows password reset software

Step 2. Start the locked Compaq from the boot disk
Insert the created boot Windows 8 password reset disk in your locked Compaq, and configure its BIOS to boot from CD ROM if you burn the boot disk with CD/DVD, or set the BIOS to boot from USB if the boot disk is burned with a USB drive. More details please see How to Access PC’s BIOS Setup and then Set BIOS Boot from CD/DVD or USB?

Step 3. Reset Windows 8 password in Compaq
After BIOS settings, it will open Windows Password Unlocker in Windows PE. Now you can  select the target user account and click Reset button to remove the password. Click the Reboot button to restart your computer once the password is removed. When the Windows 8 sign-in screen appears, log into the target user account without password.
windows password reset software