I have a home Song laptop and have forgotten the parental control password, although I can access other user accounts I cannot update or access parts of the computer without the password. I am using windows 7 professional. Can you please help how I can resolve it?

Parental controls in Windows 7 is a great feature for parents to monitor their kids’ online activities and prevent them from watching or accessing inappropriate things. By enabling parental control, you can control the times your kind use the computer, the type of video games they can play and the programs they can use, etc.

Forgot the parental control password, you can log into another admin account in your Windows 7 computer to access and change the parental control settings you’d like to. If there’s no other admin account, just reset the parental control password (actually resetting the administrator password in Windows 7). It’s very simple.

What you’ll need?

  • 1. Windows Password Unlocker to help you burn a boot password reset disk windows 7 to get rid of the forgotten parental control password.
  • 2. Another PC or Mac that allows you to download and install Windows Password Unlocker.
  • 3. A USB flash drive or a blank CD/DVD to burn the boot password reset disk with.

Get started

After downloading and installing Windows Password Ulocker in your PC, insert your dev ice (CD/DVD/USB) in the computer. After that, launch this installed Windows password reset tool, and click Burn button. A few seconds later, a boot Windows password recovery disk will be created.
windows password reset software

Reset parental control password in Windows 7

Insert the burned password reset disk in the computer where you forgot parental control, next boot the computer from the disk. You’ll find Windows Password Unlcoker opens in Windows PE. Here you can select the target user account, and then click Reset button to remove its password. This will just take a few seconds.

windows password reset software

Restart your computer

Once the password is reset, you can click Reboot button to restart your computer from normal hard drive instead of the boot disk. To ensure it, just remove the boot disk during restarting. When the Windows 7 logon screen appears, log in it as administrator without password.

Restart Windows PC

Tip: Enable Parental Control in Windows 7

Go to Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safety -> Set up parental controls for any user, and then select any standard user account to set parental control for (You can create one by clicking Create a new user account link). On the coming window, check On, enforce current settings and the Parental Controls feature is enabled now. Next you can adjust the following individual settings that you want to control:

Turn on Parental Controls in Windows 7