How to unlock laptop without my forgotten administrator password? It’s a HP notebook with Windows 7.

Forgot password Windows 7? My suggestion is to create a DOS boot password reset disk to change the forgotten password for your Windows 7 HP notebook.

What’s DOS? What’s boot disk?

DOS is short for “Disk Operating System”. It refers to any operating system, but most often used as a shorthand for MS-DOS (Microsoft disk operating system).
A boot disk allows you to boot off of a CD/DVD/USB stick, etc. instead of your hard drive to fix some common computer errors when your computer operating system is in accessible, like data recovery, Hardware or software troubleshooting, Windows 7 password recovery, etc.

Things you’ll need

  • 1. Windows Password Breakera Windows password reset utility that allows you to create a DOS boot disk with CD/DVD or USB drive in seconds.
  • 2. Another PC to download and install Windows Password Breaker.
  • 3. A USB stick or blank and writable CD/DVD (CD/DVD drive required).

How to create a DOS boot password reset disk?

Time required: A few seconds

  • 1. Download and install Windows Password Breaker in any PC, click on Remove Windows administrator and user password after running it.
    windows password breaker professional
  • 2. Insert your device (e.g. USB) in the computer and then click Burn button once the device is detected. A DOS boot password rest disk will be burned a few seconds later.
    burn a password reset USB/CD/DVD

How to reset password Windows with the DOS boot disk?

Time required: 1-2 minutes

  • 1. Insert the burned DOS boot disk in your HP notebook, and boot the machine from the disk.
  • 2. When the following screen appears, enter the ID of Windows your installation path to display all the user accounts on our Windows 7 HP notebook.
    choose path
  • 3. Next enter the ID of the user account you want to reset password for, and enter Y to confirm and continue. The password of the selected user account will be removed instantly.
    enter y
  • 4. Once the password is removed, you can enter Y to reset password for another user account, or click N to finish. And the press any key and remove the boot disk to restart your HP notebook from normal hard drive disk. When the logon screen appears, access the user account you’ve just reset password for without password.
    enter n

That’s it! Compared with WindowsPE boot disk, DOS boot disk has better compatibility. But WindowsPE disk has GUI interface. If you prefer to create a WindowsPE boot disk for password reset, you can try Windows Password Unlocker.