Using Ophcrack password recovery failed?

I recently changed my administrator password for my Windows 7 laptop, and promptly forgot it minutes later. I had tried over 2000 password combinations (it was an acronym) until I heard about Ophcrack. I’ve spent the last several hours trying to use it to crack my password with no luck. I followed the most popular, detailed tutorial I could find.

I downloaded ophcrack and the ISO burner and I THINK I got it burned to a blank CD. I know how to go into BIOS and re-order what your computer boots up from, but it wasn’t able to recover my admin account password. What to do?

Reset lost Windows 7 password instead of recovering it

It’s always a wise option to bypass Windows 7 password free with Ophcrack. As the most popular password recovery freeware, it is said to be able to crack most passwords within a few minutes. If this doesn’t work for you, my suggestion is to use a Windows password reset tool if you don’t mind removing your lost Windows 7 password.

A Windows Password resetter is capable of resetting a forgotten or lost administrator and other user passwords on most popular Windows platforms, like Windows 8/7/Vista/XP in a few minutes, usually 2-3 minutes. All you need to do is to create a Windows PE or DOS based boot password reset disk in seconds. Next the locked computers form the boot disk and reset forgotten password in seconds.

Whether to create WinPE based boot disk or DOS based disk, it depends on the additional password reset tool you choose. DOS have better computer compatibility while WinPE comes with GUI interface for easy operations.

Bypass Windows 7 password with Password Unlocker Bundle

The tool I recommend here is Password Unlcoker Bundle. This password recovery package includes all the features that you can expect from a Windows password reset utility, plus the functions of other 13 password recovery tools. In short, Password Unlocker Bundle can help you reset or recover passwords for more than 60 file types like Windows OS, MS SQL Severs, RAR/ PDF/Word/Excel/PPT files, etc.

How to reset Windows 7 password:

  • Step 1. Download and install Password Unlocker Bundle in any computer, insert a USB drive, and then launch it.
    windows password reset
  • Step 2. Click on Windows Password Recovery and next select USB drive and click Burn button. A boot password reset disk will be ready in seconds.
  • Step 3. Boot the locked computer form the boot disk, select the user account and reset its password.
    Complete the Windows password recovery