If your computer runs in Windows 8, you can easily sign in it either using a local account or a Microsoft account. You should be familiar with the local account if you have ever used a Windows-based computer. What you might feel confused about is the Microsoft account. Here it will show you how to enable and disable Microsoft account in Windows 8.

What’s a Microsoft account?

According to Microsoft, a Microsoft account is an email address and password that you use to sign in to Windows. You can use any email address as your Microsoft account. Once you’re able to sign in with a Microsoft account, you can synchronize some of your PC’s settings between your computers

Add Microsoft account in Windows 8

Open the Charms bar to select the Settings charm, and then click Change PC settings and the PC settings window (see screenshot below). Next you can click Users on the right, and then click Add a user option

Windows 8 password recovery

When the following screen opens, you can add a Microsoft account in two different ways:

  • If you already have a Microsoft account, enter it directly in the email box now.
  • If you don’t have Microsoft account, click on Sign up for a new email address to create a new one.

After this, click Next and follow the wizard to add a Microsoft account in Windows 8. That’s all!

Tip: If you forgot the Microsoft account password to Windows 8, you can reset the password easily on the Microsoft account sign-in webpage.

Windows 8 password recovery

Disable Microsoft account in Windows 8

If you want to disable Microsoft account in Windows 8 for some reason, you can do as follows:

Note: This only works for i Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Enterprise.

  • Step 1. Press Windows+R to open the Run dialog, and then type secpol.msc and click OK.
  • Step 2. On the Local Security Policy window, expand Local Policies -> Security Options -> Accounts: Block Microsoft accounts.
    Note: You will find the policy Block Microsoft accounts is disabled, which means Microsoft account login works in Windows 8 by default.
  • Step 3. Select Users can’t add Microsoft accounts, and click on OK to save it. And adding Microsoft accounts will be blocked.
  • Step 4. Select Users can’t add or log on with Microsoft accounts to block adding and signing in with Microsoft accounts.

That’s it! Check Microsoft account in PC settings and you will find the button – Switch to a Microsoft Account is grey and unavailable. After that, you can only sign in Windows 8 with local accounts. If so, don’t forget to create a Windows 8 password reset disk for your local account to avoid any problems caused by a lost Windows 8 password. Otherwise, you might have t to find a third-party software to reset Windows 8 password after you forgot it.