Is it possible to reset the administrative password on a Compaq that is running vista premium?

I have two operating systems on the compaq laptop, but the windows are secured with the admin password and user password. I can’t reinstall the os because I don’t have an installation disk.

Forgot Compaq logon password? Take it easy and follow the guide below to reset lost Vista password on Compaq.


1. Windows Password Unlocker
An effective windows password recovery tool that lets you reset lost login password to Windows by creating a boot password reset disk. Windows and Mac versions are available.

2. A writable CD/DVD or USB drive to create the boot password reset disk
ACD/DVD drive is required for burning if you select to use a CD/DVD. If not available, please use the USB drive, but backing up the important data on it at first.

3. Another PC or Mac to download Windows Password Unlocker.

4. The Compaq password that you want to reset Vista password for.

Those are core requirements; if you have those things, you can proceed to reset Compaq password by taking the steps below. These steps not only works for Compaq that runs on Vista, but also works When you forgot Windows 7 password on Compaq.

Steps to reset Compaq login password

Step 1. Download and install Windows Password Unlocker in any Windows PC, then run it.
Note: You can also download the Mac version in a Mac and no installation needed. For more details, please see Windows Password Unlcoker for Mac Guide.

Step 2. Insert a CD/DVD or USB drive in computer, make the device selected and click the related Burn button and then it will start burning a boot password reset disk in seconds. Once completed, click OK and remove the boot disk.
windows password reset software

Step 3. Insert the burned boot disk in the Compaq Vista, turn on it and press the right key to access BIOS and then configure CD ROM or USB as the first boot device. This will make your Compaq boot from the burned boot password reset disk rather than the normal hard drive disk.
More details, please see How to Access PC’s BIOS Setup and then Set BIOS Boot from CD/DVD or USB?
Set BIOS boot from CDROM

Step 4. After BIOS settings, Windows Password Unlocker will open. Here you can select the target user account and click Reset button to remove its password. Once the password removed, click Reboot button to restart your computer and remove the inserted boot disk to make your computer start from the hard drive disk.
windows password reset software

When the Windows logon screen appears, access the user account you’ve removed password for directly. That’s it. The whole process will take you no more than 5 minutes. 100% safe to operate.