Forgot Windows 7 Home Premium password and I’ve tried restarting my laptop & hitting f8 a bunch but nothing popped up. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Forgetting your Windows 7 login password is really easy nowadays. Fortunately, there are several ways available out there to access your laptop when you forgot Windows 7 password.

1. Instantly reset Windows 7 password using Windows Password Unlocker

For most users, the most effective and easiest way to reset forgotten Windows 7 password is to use additional Windows Password Unlocker. This program allows you to reset any forgotten Windows password in a few minutes (usu. 5 minutes), regardless of the password strength and your computing level. 100% safe! 100% reset rate!

  • Step 1.Download and install Windows Password Unlocker in any computer.
  • Step 2. Burn a boot password reset disk with CD/DVD or USB drive in seconds.
  • Step 3. Start the locked PC from the boot disk and rest forgotten Windows 7 password.

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2. Change Windows 7 password using password reset disk or another admin account as Microsoft suggested if possible.

According to Microsoft, you can reset your password by using a password reset disk or by using an administrator account if you’ve forgotten your Windows password. For more details, please see What to do if you forget your Windows password.

reset password

3. Try to retrieve Windows 7 password using Ophcrack

If you’d like to get back the original lost Windows 7 password rather than resetting it, you can try the free Ophcrack password recovery tool. This Windows password cracker allows you to crack lost Windows 7 password via implementation of rainbow tables done by the inventors of the method. It’s safe to use. As for the recovery time, it depends.


4. Restore Windows 7 to a previous state using system restore

In addition to resetting or recovering the lost password, you can also choose to restore your Windows to a previous state using the System Restore from the System Recovery Options menu. To access this system recovery option menu, you can boot your computer form the Windows installation disc or previously created system repair disc.

Note:¬†This method will not work if you don’t have system image backups.

system restore

5. Reinstall Windows 7

The last option is to simply reinstall your Windows computer. If you don’t care about your computer data, you can try this.