I have a windows 8 laptop and I want to know how I can put a password/passcode on my apps like photos etc. Just for safety reasons. Thanks.

Directly protect Windows 8 apps using additional tool

There exists a program named Program Protector that can help you password protect any applications on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP. If you don’t mind paying for it, you can have a try of this program at first.

Set up a password to protect all contents in Windows 8

Actually, you can set a password to protect all your contents in Windows 8 and stop any authorized users from accessing your photos, programs and more without your permission. And this is completely free as Windows 8 comes with the ability let you add password to its user accounts. Following is a simple guide on how to password protect Windows 8 laptop.

Bring up the charms bar on your windows 8 metro interface, and then click Settings -> Change PC settings -> Users, next you’ll see the following screen. Under the Sign-in Options in the right, you can choose to set up a traditional text password, a picture password or a PIN to password protect your Windows 8.

change windows 8 password

  • *The traditional text password refers to the password consisting of numbers, symbols and letters.
  • *The picture password is a new feature introduced by Windows 8. It lets you sign in Windows 8 using gestures on an image.
  • *The PIN, similar to PIN in credit cards and other bank accounts, allows you to setup Windows 8 login password at the most four digits.

Tip: Don’t forget to create a password reset disk

The picture password or PIN is easier for you to remember, but it can also be easily forgotten after long time of no use. To avoid problems in future, it’s better to create a Windows 8 password reset disk for your local user account.

To create a password reset disk in Windows 8, insert your removable media and open the User Accounts window (Press Win key to open search page, select settings and type user accounts in the search box ), then click Create a password reset disk to create a password reset disk.

For more details, you can go to YouTube and view the video titled: Windows 8 – How to Create a Password Reset Disk.

create a windows 8 password reset disk

You can use this password reset disk to create a new password when you forgot Windows 8 password. It’s recommended that you create a password reset disk when you create your password, so you don’t lose access to your files and information.

Note: If you forgot Windows password with such a disk, you can create a boot password reset disk using Windows Password Unlocker to create a new one.