“Hi, guys. Unfortunately, I forget the password of my computer which runs Windows 8 system. I cannot figure out how to access the computer without password, and now I am wondering how to reset Windows 8 password. Can you help me? “

Have you met such problem? How did you solve it?

When you lost password of your Windows 8 laptop, you may firstly try some free methods to recover or change the password. Yes, some free methods can also help you reset the password. And this article will show you some free ways to reset Windows 8 password easily. Here we go.

Four Ways to Reset Windows 8 Password

Here we will go over five ways totally to show you how to bypass Windows 8 password. Four free ways are using password hint, password reset disk, another available admin account and Microsoft account.

Method 1: Password hint

When setting a password on Windows 8, you’d better create a hint to help you remember the password. If you choose your password hint carefully, for example, your wife’s birthday, your wedding anniversary, etc., you will be able to easily remember the forgotten Windows 8 password. When you input an incorrect password, the hit will appear. And then, you can try some password to login your computer according to the hint.

lost Win 8 password

Method 2: Reset password on Windows 8 laptop with Password Reset Disk

When you lost Windows 8 password, another easy solution is reset the password with the password reset disk, but it requires that you have created one before. Windows provides an easy way to create password reset disk, however, few users do that after the set the password. When you forget the password, you just need to boot your computer from the password reset disk, and then follow the steps to reset the admin password.


To see how to create and use the password reset disk on Windows 8, you can visit: https://passwordunlocker.com/knowledge/create-windows-8-password-reset-disk.html

Method 3: Using Another Admin Account

If another admin account is available, you can reset the forgotten admin account through it. After logging on your computer, just click My Computer icon to select Manage to enter Computer Management screen, and then click Local Users and Groups folder and Users folder. All Windows accounts will be displayed for you. Then right-click the select the forgotten admin account to reset the password.

another admin account

Method 4: Microsoft account

It would be very simple to reset Windows 8 password if you link your computer to a Microsoft account Windows Live or hotmail. If you did this, you just need to login your Microsoft account to reset the password.Click the “Can’t access your account?” link and follow the steps to reset your password.

If all the free ways cannot help you out, you can try this Windows Password Unlocker. it can help you create a password reset disk and then reset the password. However, this process need to be finished in another accessible computer.