Questions about Windows forgot password

Mastering some simple solutions to avoid or reset a lost Windows password is necessary today as you can simply run into one of the following problems some day:

  • Q1. How do I log in to windows XP on older laptop forgot all passwords?
  • Q2. I forgot my password for windows 7 on my Acer aspire 5515?
  • Q3. How do I recover my admin password without admin privileges?
  • Q4. I forgot my admin password on Windows 7 and can’t remember it. How can I reset it?
  • Q5. I forgot my password for my laptop. How can l reset the password. My laptop is windows 8?
  • Q6. Can’t log in to my dell laptop forgot password! HELP?
  • Q7. Unfortunately I forgot my laptop password Windows 7, have no CD or reset disk. Is there a way you tell me how to reset my password?

Most effective Windows password reset solution

Whenever you forgot Windows password, my only suggestion is to visit and download Windows Password Unlocker. As the most popular Windows password reset tool, Windows Password Unlocker allows you to remove any forgotten login password to Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000 in 5 minutes. 3 simple steps as follows:

  • Step 1. Download and install Windows Password Unlocker in any PC or Mac. (Both Windows and Mac version are available)
  • Step 2. Burn a boot password reset disk for Windows with a CD/DVD or USB drive in seconds.
  • Step 3. Start the locked PC from the burned disk and select the target user account to remove its password.
  • Step 4. Restart computer once the password is removed, and then sign in your Window account without password.
    reset windows password

That’s it! No need to worry! This Windows password remover comes in easy GUI interface. You can easily perform the password reset or remove task within a few simple clicks. 100% safe! No any damage or loss to your computer data and settings.

More Windows password reset methods

For more information about resetting a forgotten Windows password, please visit:

How to avoid a forgotten Windows password?

  • 1. Make your Windows password hard to crack yet easy to remember.
  • 2. Write down your password and keep it in a safe location.
  • 3. Create a password hint, password reset disk or system repair disc in advance to help you get rid of a lost Windows login password easily.