So I forgot my password to get in to my Windows 8 account on my HP PC. Microsoft’s support is a joke and I called HP and the guy said I would need a full account recover which means resetting the PC and losing everything I have on there. Is that really the case? Is the situation really I need to lose everything? Forget your password and lose everything? Please help!

No! There’s no need for you to reset your PC whenever you forgot Windows 8 password. Many amazing third-party Windows 8 password reset tool are available out there to help you reset password Windows 8 easily, instantly and safely, like Windows Password Unlocker, Windows Password Breaker, Ophcrack, etc. Following it will show you how to reset password Windows 8 using Windows Password Unlocker (Of all tools, I like this one best as it’s easy and effective.) With this reset Windows password utility, you can create a password reset disk Windows 8 with a CD/DVD or USB stick to get back in your HP PC again.

Things you’ll need