Forgot domain administrator password in Windows server 2008 domain controller? Windows Password Unlocker Enterprise is said to be the choice to reset the forgotten domain admin password. And I cannot agree with it more.

What’s Windows password Unlocker Enterprise?

Windows Password Unlocker Enterprise is an effective windows password reset tool that can help you reset both local and domain passwords on all popular Windows platforms. With this utility, you can:

  • * Reset domain administrator password on Windows server 2008 domain controllers
  • * Reset other domain user password on Windows server 2008 domain controllers (DC)
  • * Create a new domain admin account on Windows server 2008 DC to access again
  • * Reset local administrator password on Window server 2008
  • * Reset other local user password on Windows server 2008

In addition to Windows server 2008, this program also works for Windows 8/ 7/Vista/XP and other Windows servers. Whenever you forgot Windows 7 password, forgot Windows 8 password or forgot Windows server domain admin password, Windows Password Unlocker Enterprise should be the first thing that come to your mind.

How to reset domain admin password in Windows server 2008?

* Requirements:

  • 1. The Window server 2008 DC you forgot password for
  • 2. Another PC or Mac for software download
  • 3. A USB disk to create a boot password reset disk (A blank writable CD/DVD is also OK but CD/DVD driver is required here.)
  • 4. Windows password Unlocker Enterprise that allows you to burn a boot password reset disk for Windows server 2008.
  • 5. Approximately 5 minutes to perform the Windows server password reset process.

Step 1.
Download and install Windows Password Unlocker in any PC, and then launch it.
Note: Get the Mac version if you prefer to use a Mac to create a boot Windows password reset disk. Following steps based on PCs.
Windows password recovery

Step 2.
Insert the USB drive in computer, click Burn USB button once the USB device is detected by Windows Password Unlocker Enterprise, and a boot password reset disk will be burned in seconds. Click Ok to close the message that tells you the burning task completes.
windows password recovery

Step 3.
Boot the locked Windows server 2008 DC from the burned boot password reset USB disk, and Windows Password Unlocker Enterprise will launch in Windows PE as follows. Here select the disk drive where the Windows server 2008 installed, and click Next button.
windows password reset software

Step 4.
When the following screen opens, you can choose the change the domain admin password or create another new domain admin account as you wish.

Step 5.
Once the domain admin password is reset, click Reboot button to restart your server. Remove the inserted boot disk during restarting. When the Window  serer login screen appears, you can login the domain with the new domain admin account you’ve created or the new domain admin password you’ve changed to .
Windows password reset software