How to get rid of administrator password on a HP windows 7 laptop?

My mom cannot remember her administrator password of our computer. How we can get rid of the administrator account on a HP laptop, so we can download iTunes. Is there any way we can to remove the administrator account password for an hp laptop?

Forgot login password Windows 7? You can simply change the password if you’ve created a password reset disk using the built-in feature of Windows 7. If not, the best choice is to get a third-party tool to get rid of your forgotten Windows 7 password. And Windows Password Unlocker is a stand-out option. With this password cracker for Windows, you can easily and securely perform Windows 7 reset administrator password in matter of 5 minutes, no matter whether you are a beginner or advanced user.

Guide for Windows 7 reset administrator password

Windows Password Unlocker allows you to reset administrator and other user passwords on Windows 7 by burning a boot password reset disk with USB drive and CD/DVD. Following guide takes USB drive for example.

Things you’ll need:

  • 1. A USB flash drive (Please backup your USB data at first.)
  • 2. Another Windows-based PC that you can run as administrator.

How-to Guide

  • Step 1. Download and install Windows Password Unlocker in the PC that you can run as administrator, and then launch it.
  • Step 2. Insert your USB drive in the computer and click Burn USB button. A boot password reset USB  for Windows 7 will be burned successfully a few seconds later.
    windows password reset software
  • Step 3. Insert the burned boot password reset USB in the Windows 7 computer you’d like to reset password of, and start the computer from the burned Windows 7 password reset disk.
    Note: Don’t know how? Learn How to Boot From A Windows 7 Password Reset Disk.
  • Step 4. After booting from the burned boot disk successfully, you’ll see Windows Password Unlocker under Windows-PE. Now you can select the administrator account that you’d like to reset password of, and click Reset button. The password of the selected user account will be reset  to blank instantly.
    windows password reset software
  • Step 5. Click Reboot button to restart computer and remove the inserted boot USB disk after removing administrator password.
  • Step 6. When the Windows 7 login screen appears, select the target administrator account and log into it without password.

What you need to notice?

  • 1. Windows Password Unlocker comes in 3 editions: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. Learn the difference among each edition before your try.
  • 2. If you want to create the boot Windows 7 pasword reset disk on Mac, please have a try of Windows Password Unlocker for Mac.
  • 3. Before buying this Windows password reset tool, it’s highly suggested to try the demo version to see if it’s compatible with your computer and satisfy your requirements.
  • 4. Want to reset Windows 7 administrator for free? Please have a look at the Top 4 Handy Methods to Reset Windows 7 Password.