Forgot Windows 7 password? You can create a password reset disk to bypass it. But the password reset disk can be only created for local accounts on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP. What if forgot Window server domain admin password? Here it will show you how to reset domain administrator password in Windows server 2012 domain controllers?

A possible solution to this is to bypass the domain admin password using the Window installation disc. For more details, you can see take How to Reset Forgotten Domain Administrator Password on Windows Sever 2008/R2 Domain Controller for Free for reference.

Personally speaking, I prefer to get a third-party tool to help me fix this problem. There are many great Windows password reset or recovery tools to help you reset forgotten local account passwords in Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, and some of these tools also enable you to reset lost domain admin password on Windows server domain controllers. Windows Password Unlocker, the most popular Windows password reset tool is a stand-out example.

Windows Password Unlocker comes in 3 editions to reset forgotten Windows login password. And with the Enterprise edition of Windows Password Unlocker, you can reset both local user account passwords and domain account passwords on Windows. Please note it only reset domain administrator and user passwords on Windows servers that act as domain controllers.

Steps to reset domain admin password in Window server 2012

Before getting started, you need to find a PC that you can download and install software. Besides, a blank writeable CD/DVD or USB flash drive is also need to prepare in advance. Once everything is all set, you can reset your lost Windows server 2012 domain admin password as follows:

Download Windows Password Unlocker Enterprise in a computer. After installation, you can insert the CD/DVD/USB  (here take CD for example)drive in the computer, and then launch this program. You’ll see the following interface

windows password reset software

Click the related Burn button and then a boot password reset disk will be created in seconds! After that, insert the boot password reset disk in the locked Window server 2012 domain controller and start the server from the boot disk. Then you’ll see Windows Password Unlocker in the WindowsPE (See screenshot below).

windows password reset software

Select the disk drive where you installed the Windows server, click Next. And on the following screen, you can select the Change domain administrator and reset its password in seconds. Restart your computer once the domain password is reset and log into it with the new password.

Note: Please remember to remove the inserted boot disk during restarting.

windows password reset software