Whenever you forgot Windows 7 password, you can easily bypass it with a password reset disk. To get create such a disk, you can either take advantage of built-in Windows 7 features or use third-party software. Here it rounds up all the methods of creating Windows 7 password reset disk to bypass administrator password windows 7.

Method 1. Create a Windows 7 password reset disk

Sign in the Windows 7 user account that you want to create a password reset for, go to Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safety -> User Accounts, and then Create a password reset disk in the left pane, and then follow the instructions of the Password Reset wizard.

Password Reset Wizard


  • 1. This password reset disk can only be created ahead of you forgot the login password.
  • 2. The password reset disk only works for local accounts (not domain accounts).

Method 2. Create a Windows 7 system repair disc

When Windows 7 forgot password, you can also use system recovery options to bypass it. To use the system options, you’ll need to create a system repair disc¬†using the Windows 7 built-in features to access system recovery options.

Go to Start -> Control Panel -> System and Maintenance – >Backup and Restore, and then click Create a system repair disc, and then follow the steps of the coming wizard. For more details, please see Create a system repair disc.


Method 3. Create a bootable password reset disk Windows 7 (Windows)

If you forgot to create the password reset disk using the Windows 7 built-in feature in advance, you can easily create a boot password reset disk using Windows Password Unlocker to reset Windows 7 password.

Download and install Windows Password Unlcoker in any PC that you can run as administrator, run it and insert a CD/DVD or USB drive, select the target drive and click the related Burn button and a boot password reset disk in created. For more details, please see Windows Password Recovery Guide.

windows password unlocker

Method 4. Create a bootable password reset disk Windows 7 (Mac)

Windows Password Unlocker also comes in a Mac version that allows you to burn a boot able password reset disk on a Mac. Note: The Mac version comes in the form of ISO image file and no installation required.

Insert your DVD or CD, go to Application – > Utilities -> Disk Utility, and then drag and drop the ISO image file in the Disk Utility windows and make it selected, next click Burn button. For more details, please see Windows Password Unlcoker for Mac Guide.

windows password unlocker for mac